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Welcome to Pear Tree Class!


Welcome to our class page!

Year 1 Pear is taught by Mrs Connolly with support from Mrs Hattersley

Please click here to see Pear Tree class newsletter for Autumn 1.

Due to crowding concerns, we ask all Year 1 parents to say goodbye to their child at the door of the cloakroom. Any urgent messages that need to be given on a morning, please speak to the teaching assistant in the cloakroom.

Feel free to come and talk to us after school any day!

PE: PE lessons will be Monday and Thursday each week, but please ensure your child has their PE kit every day. If your child has earrings these will need removing on PE days. Long hair will need to be tied back for all PE lessons.

Reading books: These will be changed every Tuesday and Friday. Please try to read with your child on a morning or weekend (when they are alert) as much as possible and ensure you make a note in their reading record to say they have read. Please make sure your child has their reading book in school every day.
Homework:  Homework will go home every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday.
Spellings: Spellings will be sent home every Wednesday and are tested the following Tuesday afternoon.



These are the non-negotiables for Year 1 writing.



There are lots of interactive games that you can use for your computers or tablets. Here are a few good websites to help your child's education.
Top things to do at home to help your child:
Daily counting forwards and backwards from and to 100.
One more/One less than any given number.
Guess my shape/number (give lots of verbal clues).
Counting things in 2s, 5s and 10's
Spotting numbers and patterns around  the house and environment.
Odd and Even numbers
Ping Pong - choose a killer number. Each person says 1 - 3 consecutive numbers until one of you reaches the killer number which means you are out.
Writing simple sentences to be cut up and ordered by the child.
Asking your child to write simple sentences about anything they have done or are interested in. Encourage children to use phonics and tricky words/spellings.
Remember finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.
Singing the alphabet, which letter is missing (encourage children to use the letter names).
Spelling words all the time - use letter names
Hangman (we play hangflower) Use phonically regular words or tricky words/spellings.
Practise handwriting - cursive letter formation can be seen modelled on youtube: Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet


Academic Year 2019 - 2020


Autumn 2

The children have been really engaged in discussions about the fantasy character Edgar, the dragon from the recent John Lewis Christmas advert. The children have previously drawn wanted posters to try to find Edgar but he has not appeared so we decided to try to find him. The children read some instructions on how to trap a dragon and how to feed a dragon and decided to combine the instructions to make our own. We are going to find Edgar by tempting him with food!

As a class we talked about a title for our instructions which became ‘How to find a dragon’ and then we set about writing instructions. The children used the time opener words that they had read to start each sentence and we came up with a super set of instructions. We even changed the word ‘finally’ from instruction number 4 to instruction number 5 when we added a new one, because ‘’number 4 isnt the last instruction any more’’.

Then we finished by thinking about the equipment we would need to catch the dragon. The children suggested some safety clothing to ensure that the teachers clothes wouldn’t get burnt off if Edgar breathed his fire! When another adult came in the room the children were excited to tell her our plans and they read our instructions back to her. After all this wonderful hard work let’s hope we catch Edgar this weekend!


Autumn 1 


What a wonderful day we had with our Fire Fire workshop, delivered by the company Get Out More. 

Our day was themed around The Great Fire of London. We had a discussion where the children explained their knowledge of the fire, and we learnt a few new facts too! One of our inquisitive children asked if they would have had house numbers in 1666, and we learnt that they would in fact have had pictures above the door, rather than numbers! We learnt about how the houses were structured and we designed our own buildings. Then we had the opportunity to use cereal boxes to make our own houses. We painted the wooden structures on our houses and made sure that they had a couple of windows (although they wouldn't have had many) Some children also worked in small groups to make St Pauls cathedral. After lunchtime we went down to the field in small groups and we listened to a safety talk about fire. Then we stood back and watched as the houses started to set fire starting at the bakery. The fire spread quicker when the wind blew (children wafted the air to show the wind) and even though we threw some water, it wasn't enough to put the fire out. Finally we used a fire break to collapse some of the houses in the middle of the row. This meant that the fire stopped and we could see how exploding the houses helped bring The Great Fire of London to an end. 

Have a look at our pictures below to see what a wonderful day we had. 



The children have settled into Year 1 really well. We are incredibly proud of how well they have adapted to a different style of learning and the children continue to impress us with their hard work and positive attitudes to their learning.

Our topic this half term has been The Great Fire of London. We have really enjoyed learning about the fire, how it started and why it spread so far! We have learnt about Samuel Pepys who wrote his diary as an eye-witness account of the fire and in our most recent English lessons we got to meet 'Samuel' (Mrs Connolly) and hear his diary first hand. The children even had a go at being Samuel and retelling his diary, and they did a fantastic job!

Also in English we have been looking at the story book Katie in London. We have talked about the story, retold the story and re-written the story. We have learnt how to describe the characters, and the children came up with some lovely adjectives when describing Katie. In our SPaG lessons, we have learnt what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are and we have used these in our writing. We have also learnt how to write a good sentence and we have been practising capital letters and our lowercase cursive letters too. 

In Maths we have ordered our numbers and talked about teen numbers. We have learnt about greater than and less than, one more and one less. We have also started to learn our number bonds to 10 and the children are very good at this! Try testing them!

Please enjoy having a little look at some of the photos from this first half term below. 


2018 - 2019

Autumn Highlights


This half term we have been settling in to Year 1. We have been really fantastic at getting used to sitting at our tables and working neatly in our books. We have talked about what qualities a Pear Tree member should have and how we would like to act in our class.

In English this half term we have been looking at the stories:

The Owl Babies

What the Ladybird Heard

We have been thinking about the character's thoughts and feelings; re-telling the stories; changing some of the characters; making up our own versions and describing some of the characters.

In Maths we have been learning about place value. We have been learning about tens and ones; greater than, equal to and less than; one more and one less, and which numbers are odd and even.



The children are learning to work together in their table groups but also as a whole class. We earn pompoms in our jar for good whole class work, behaviour or effort. At the end of this half term we had a lovely class treat because we got all of our pompoms in our jar. The children chose to have a teddy bear day where the children all brought a bear into class. They had a little picnic in the afternoon and the children were all very sensible with their toys and played very nicely. Here is a lovely picture of everyone enjoying Teddy Bear day.




Welcome back to all the children in Pear Tree Class for our Autumn 2 term. We are looking forward to a happy, busy and cold half term.

This half term we will be continuing our instructional writing in English. In Year 1 children will need to understand and identify the features of instructions, and they will also need to be able to write simple instructions. In Maths the children will start to learn multiplication. They need to be able to count in multiples of 2's, 5's and 10's and complete simple multiplication challenges with support.

Our topic this half term will be Florence Nightingale. We have already started to learn a little about who she was and what she did. We hope that the children will be able to tell you lots of interesting information about her very soon!



 What a busy first week back to school! The children have been wonderful and we have had a lovely week. 

Here is a bit about our day with Florence Nightingale:

This week Florence Nightingale came to visit Year 1 to help us learn about her work in the hospitals during the Crimean war.

We sorted hospital objects into two groups:

Before Florence

After Florence

Looking at the objects before Florence was very smelly and dirty and it made us realise what a difference she had made.

Florence helped us to understand what roles people took in hospitals and the boys became porters and the girls became nurses. We went on a walk, all the way to Turkey and back, carrying supplies for Florence’s new clean hospitals.

When we got back we had to clean up the hospital, so we got to work scrubbing, washing and sweeping the hospital until it was gleaming.We had to make up a bed for a soldier, bandage his wounds with clean bandages and clean out his bedpan every time it was dirty. What a smelly job! We also made sure the injured soldier had lots of nutritious food to eat.

Have a look at some of the pictures below.


Almost 100 years on from the end of WW1, we remembered the soldiers who fought for us and the people and animals that gave their lives. We learnt about why we wear poppies and what happened in the war. The children were very respectful and enjoyed their day very much.

After Christmas we had a very busy few weeks. The highlight was our superhero day where we dressed up and completed hero themed work. We made superhero moving pictures, made up our own superhero theme tune using a backing track and musical instruments, and designed a cape after investigating what material we would use.


What a fantastic World Book Day we had on Thursday 7th March. Our chosen book was Stickman by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler. We had some wonderful dressing up outfits and the children (and parents) all joined in the spirit of world book day.

Throughout the day we were able to:

Show off our costumes in the hall and hear a story about kindness

Make our own stickmen

Make our own bookmarks

Complete Stickman wordsearches, spot the differences, colouring sheets, mazes.

Act out the Stickman story using our dressing up characters

Look at the rhyming words in the book Stickman and complete some rhyming word activities

Watch the film Stickman

Meet some stick insects!

We hope you enjoy some of the photos below from our super stickman day.


This half term our topic has been weather. We have had a lovely time investigating the different types of weather and learning about temperature. We have linked our PE to our weather theme and we have been working on a weather dance for the last 5 weeks. Play our video below to see our weather dance. The children really threw themselves into it and we saw some lovely dancing and acting. Well done Pear Tree!

Music 1 - Out in the cold

Music 2 - Jogging to get warm

Music 3 - The rain comes 

Music 4 - Welly walk

Music 5 - Too hot! - moving to relaxing in the shade

Music 6 - Leaves in the wind

Music 7 - Ring a ring a roses.


On the 3rd July we had a wonderful trip to Filey beach. The children all behaved really well and a fantastic time was had by all!

We walked down to the beach, walked along the promenade, listened to a talk by the lifeguard, played on the beach, paddled in the sand and had a lovely ice-cream.

Have a look at some of the pictures below.