Aireborough Learning Partnership -
a Co-operative Trust

We are proud to be one of the founder members of the Aireborough Learning Partnership - a Co-operative Trust. The ALP is a Co-operative Trust made up of primary and secondary schools in Aireborough, with the intention of raising standards through mutual support.

Key objectives of the Trust:

      • Raise standards and attainment for all children in the partnership.
      • Increase and create vibrant learning opportunities for all.
      • Create strong working relationships between all cooperative members.
      • Use resources in a more creative and collaborative way.

The Trust aims to make a difference through:

      • Enhancing learning teaching and curriculum development.
      • Sharing resources and expertise.
      • Maintaining and enhancing our extended services.
      • Inclusion and social cohesion.

Visit the ALPT website here.

Read more about our transition to Trust Status here.