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Willow Tree Class - Year 3

Willow Tree Class Blog 2020-2021

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A very warm welcome from Mr Kyriacou, Miss Hanna and Miss Sanderson! Below you'll find some essential tips for helping your child make brilliant progress.

Curriculum overview: Summer 2021  

  • Topic: We'll be finishing off our topic on 'Volcanoes and Fossils', before moving on to 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.
  • English: Persuasive texts, stories with issues and dilemmas, instructions and diaries. Our class reader will be the wonderful ‘Stig of the Dump' by Clive King.
  • Maths: Calculation methods, problem solving, decimals, statistics, time, shape, mass and capacity. 
  • Science: Sound and Plants.
  • Computing: Spreadsheets and Graphing.
  • Music: Rhythm and chime bars (specialist music teacher); Songs with morals.
  • Art & DT: Artwork linked to Stone Age topic. 
  • History: Developing chronology and enquiry skills through the study of early history.
  • PE: Skipping, cricket and swimming (Year 4 only).
  • RE: What do Christians believe about a good life?; What do creation stories tell us?
  • French: Body parts; Months of the year.


This year, alongside the school curriculum we plan to focus on...

  1. Reading for pleasure – sharing book tips with our friends and discovering new favourite writers. 
  2. Becoming more resilient by taking risks with our learning – both inside and outside the classroom (e.g. through school trips). 
  3. Reflecting on our work and learning from our mistakes (FAIL = First Attempt In Learning!). 
  4. Learning our times tables.
  5. Improving our handwriting.


HOME READING: This will be central to your child’s learning this year. The expectation in Year 3 is that children read for 10-15 minutes at least 5 times per week – the class with the most children reading 5 times a week wins the Extreme Reading award! Reading scheme books will be handed out every Monday and need to be returned every Friday. Please record the book and page number in your child’s reading record (you are welcome to include books from home and 'free choice' books).
HOMEWORK: English and maths homework is given every Friday – to be returned by the following Thursday. Please encourage your child to check the basics carefully (neat handwriting, capital letters, full stops) and to take pride in their presentation.

TIMES TABLES: We strongly advise regular practice at home for Year 3, this could include chanting, copying them out, being tested by an adult, or using online resources - e.g. TT Rockstars, Hit the Button, Mathletics, Maths Frame, or Topmarks. Squeebles is also a very popular and effective app used by parents for maths (and spellings!).
SPELLINGS: These are given every Friday and tested the following Friday. Children can also learn the various Word Walls of essential high-frequency spellings by logging onto our Spelling App at the bottom of this page (log-in details are in the back of their reading record).
PE: Willow Tree Class have PE every Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days, children may arrive in school in their PE kits and will stay in their kits all day. Children may also wear a school jumper or plain hoodie.


1. Read with them every day, asking lots of questions to check their understanding and discussing tricky vocabulary.
2. Help your child learn all their times tables. Regular use of TT Rockstars, Mathletics, Hit the Button or Squeebles can be a huge help here.
3. Encourage them to earn all their gold bars on Mathletics – which covers the majority of the maths curriculum. They can win a gold bar by achieving at least 85% on a task.
4. Encourage use of the school’s Spelling App (log in at the bottom of this page) - to practise Word Walls 1 to 3 for essential high-frequency words.
5. Help your child to reflect on their homework by looking back on aspects they found tricky or doing extra research on areas they are curious about.

Important information

  • EXTREME READING CHALLENGE: Each week, Willow Tree aim to become the winning class in Mr Cooke’s ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’. To achieve this goal, we need every child to read at least five times a week – as evidenced by their reading record. Families are welcome to record any additional books children have chosen from home.  Regular reading at home with your child is the biggest contribution you can make to your child’s education and has a huge impact on their learning across the curriculum – as well as their future opportunities in life. Well done to the children who are already meeting this target every week!  As you can see below, every extra minute of learning really does count.

  • TIMES TABLES: We encourage regular practice which is crucial in helping your child feel confident. Ask your child which of the following times tables badges they have won...

BRONZE: x2, x5, x10
SILVER: x3, x4, x6
GOLD: x7, x8, x9
SUPER GOLD: All times tables at speed (including x11 and x12).

Regular chanting of times tables can be a big help, as well as the use of online resources such as TT Rockstars, Mathletics, Purple Mash and Topmarks (



(See our blog for Spring/Summer term)


Parents' Evening

It was a real pleasure chatting to parents and carers this week - over the phone instead of our usual Parents' Evening in school. The children have all been working hard and have settled in really well, so it was great to share the good news and to receive positive feedback from families! Many parents have asked how they can support their child's learning at home, so I'd like to reiterate some of the resources and strategies available...

MATHSHit the ButtonTT Rockstars and Mathletics are all fabulous websites. Quickfire mental maths is one of the areas that has been hardest hit by the lockdown, so any extra addition / subtraction or multiplication / division questions will provide a big boost. 

If you'd like to download Times Tables Awards practice sheets, you can click below...

BRONZE (X2, X5, X10)

SILVER (X3, X4, X6)

GOLD (X7, X8, X9)

SUPER GOLD (All times tables, including X11 and X12)

SPELLING: Every child has a password for the Rufford Park Spelling App in the back of their reading record (they can log-in from this page). I'd recommend Word Walls 2 and 3 as the most useful activities.

READING TIP: The children who make the best progress with their reading often have two things in common... they read for pleasure and also experience regular 'book chat' with an adult. Discussing vocabulary and comprehension (e.g. "How do you think the character is feeling?"... "Why do you think the character did that?"... "What do you think will happen next?") can make a huge difference!

Feel free to contact me via the school office if there's anything else I can do to support your child's learning!

Creating A Human Skeleton

As part of our animals including humans topic, we have been looking at different types of skeletons, the bones within them and their functions. The children were given the task of creating a human skeleton by working out what the different bones are and what position they go in to create a full human skeleton.

Papier-Mâché Roman Helmets

This week, the children have started working on their own papier-mâché roman helmets. As a class, we discussed and planned what materials would be need to create these, the children then drew their designs and now they have started to create their helmets. 

Roman Artefacts Workshop

This week we became 'history detectives' by studying replicas of Roman artefacts discovered by archaeologists. We found many clues about the beliefs and lives of the Ancient Romans by looking at rings, coins, a decorated spoon, a torc (bangle) and a miniature soldier's helmet. At the end of the day, every child took home a replica of a Roman coin with the face of Julius Caesar.

Healthy Food Investigation

As part of our science topic on 'animals including humans', Willow Tree Class have been learning how to read the ingredients and traffic light labels on food packaging. We were surprised to discover how many products were only 'pretending' to be healthy!

Romans Oil Lamps

Year 3 created their own oil lamps at Murton Park and are now in the process of painting them.

Romans trip, Murton Park

Year 3 had a brilliant day out, travelling back in time 2000 years to the Roman fort of Brigantium at Murton Park - where we trained to become auxiliary legionary soldiers!

The children each signed a contract for 25 years of military service using Roman letters and numerals, made oil lamps from clay, learnt how to march in formation, received weapons training in the use of shields, swords and spears... and even fought off an attack from a disgruntled Celt!

We hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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