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  1. Nursery Class News 2023-24

Nursery News 2023-24


Our vets clinic has been super busy this week. The children have showed real concern and care for the poorly pets and have been very gentle with them. The children have shown that they have a good understanding of what pets need to stay healthy and happy such as water and exercise and were able to identify the things that pets don't need, including high heels and a phone! We saw lots of good writing when the children made appointments and kindness when taking turns with the equipment. In maths we counted pets in the vets waiting room on the whiteboard. The children really enjoyed sharing their photos and talking about their pets.

Next week; more vets and a pet shop.


It has been a really busy week in Nursery this week. We had 'The Gingerbread Man' as a focus story and enjoyed comparing different versions. The children joined in with repeated story language and decorated our own Gingerbread man.

We found out how some people celebrate Lunar or Chinese New Year and looked at Chinese artefacts. We decorated lanterns and put decorations up in the home corner.

Finally, we really enjoyed playing in the snow and made a new friend complete with carrot nose.

Next week; closed for half term. Please be aware that Monday 19th February is a whole school training day and Nursery is closed.


The children have really enjoyed our focus on 'The three little pigs' this week. We made our own big bad wolf finger puppet and used it to recall what the wolf says in the story. We tested out the materials from the story to see why they weren't suitable for building and then used construction kits to build our own houses.

We noticed changes in the weather then made kites on a windy day and more rainy day pictures.

Next week: The Gingerbread man and Chinese New Year


This week we have focused on the traditional tale of  'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have acted out the story, provided sound effects, discussed the endings in different versions and all agreed that you should never talk to strangers. We counted the cakes in Red Riding Hood's basket and followed her path through the woods with our pencils. 

The children have enjoyed some group activities, taking turns with board games and sharing resources in craft activities. We developed fine motor skills making rainy day pictures using droppers and creating our own repeating patterns on umbrellas.

 Next week: The Three Little Pigs


We have enjoyed activities based on the traditional story of Goldilocks and the three bears this week. We used props to tell the story, matched spoons to bowls by size, played a board game to beat Goldilocks to the porridge and made our own bear character to hide in the woods. We talked about how each bear had their own voice and used these when retelling the story. We compared the size of bears and moved our bodies in different ways.

We made the most of the brief, very cold spell to explore the cold and ice. We listened to the crunchy sound our feet made, looked through pieces of ice and smashed some on the playground. We made snowmen and learnt the rhyme: 'There was a little snowman.'

We went to the hall to use up some energy and play some games. The children lined up super smartly and listened well to instructions.

Next week: Little Red Riding Hood



Happy New Year!

We have had a very busy first week back. The children were happy to see their friends and all seemed to have grown in our two weeks off. We had seven new starters  who have all seemed happy to be with us and enjoyed their first sessions. Our 'old' children were very kind, offering to share toys and including them in games.

We talked about all the different types of weather we might have in winter and sorted clothes by their suitability to keep us warm and dry.

Please remember to name new bags, coats and bottles.

Next week; Goldilocks and the three bears.


Excitement is reaching fever pitch in Nursery as we approach Christmas and the children are excited too!!!!

What a fantastic week we have had; your lovely children have done you all very proud. This week we have had staff and children's illness, our Christmas party and a walk to church with the rest of early years and KS1 to listen to the Christmas story.

Then to top it off, we went to sing at Blossom Court which is over the road from school. What a lovely morning, much enjoyed by all of us and the residents.

Thank you so very much for all your very kind words and good wishes and your very generous gifts. We all really appreciate them.

All the Nursery team wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2024!



Wow, what a brilliant week we have had in Nursery!

I hope you enjoyed the Nativity on Tuesday.  We are so very proud of the children and how they coped with the event:-getting up on stage, singing, dancing, wearing unusual clothes, having bare feet, staying with staff and not dashing to parents, trying their best and having fun too! AMAZING!

We have also been doing Christmas crafts, writing names and then..... we had a visit from the police. The children listened well, asked pertinent questions and gave very good answers. Well done everyone.

Next week; party afternoon Tuesday. A visit to  St John's church to hear the Christmas story on Wednesday and a visit to Blossom Court to sing for the residents on Thursday!!!!

We break up on 22/12!


Rehearsals are going well for our Nativity performance. So far all the children have been on stage and sang beautifully. The children have tried on their costumes and look splendid. Fingers crossed for next week!

Please apply for your tickets through the newsletter if you haven't already done so and don't forget your child's party pound.

We have decorated our tree several times and at the end of each day we take the baubles off to start again and started Christmas crafts.

Next week-dress rehearsal on Monday and Nativity performance on Tuesday. Please remember our late start on Thursday 14th-see you at 10.30.



We had a very busy doctors surgery this week with lots of people booking appointments for coughs, colds and minor injuries. The children showed their caring sides despite the long queues. Everything got put on hold though for us to enjoy the snow and ice. We were disappointed not to have enough for a snowman!

We had our first visit to the hall to practice our nativity.

Next week: more practicing and more people who help us.


The children fully embraced our bat cave this week, taking turns to use the torches. We have often had the classroom lights off too, to add to the atmosphere! We have learned bat facts, moved like bats in the hall and used bats for counting practise.  We looked at animals and sorted them into nocturnal or daytime creatures and looked at lots of different types of lights. The children have been very busy writing and drawing signs and symbols to each other and staff, then hiding them around the room. 

Outside I had lots of willing volunteers to scoop up the autumn leaves.

Next week: doctors and nurses.


We have had a very exciting week in Nursery. We started our 'Dough Disco' sessions this week where the children do hand and arm strengthening exercises to music. We found out how some families celebrate Divali. 

We have been finding out what the fire service do to help us and had a visit from Blue Watch at Rawdon Fire station. The children were complemented on their enthusiasm and good manners and I was impressed by good listening and turn taking. Well done everyone.

Next week: The bat cave!!!


The children came back very excited to see their friends and to tell us all their news.

We had lots of discussions about fireworks and bonfires, night time and Halloween and this led to sparkly firework pictures and paintings using a variety of different mark making equipment. The children focussed well in a  small group counting activity, ordered rockets numbered one to five and matched numeral to the correct amount. We built our own rockets and enjoyed sparkles in the water tray.

We read the story 'Fly by night' and found out which animals come out to hunt and play when we go to bed. 

We talked about Remembrance Day and why some people wear poppies.

Next week: Divali, night and day and a special visit from the fire service (fingers crossed).


There were some very cute witches around Nursery this week as part of a little look at Halloween. We made potions in a cauldron by adding objects that started with the same letter and made potions in the water tray with leaves and vegetables. We also stamped some silhouette pictures and decorated our home corner. We had a focus on cutting skills , just to see what stage the children are at and I was very impressed with everyone's concentration and determination as they took control of the scissors. We scooped the seeds from a pumpkin, sharing space and resources and managed to get outside in between the downpours.

Next week: Half term! Enjoy the break - the children deserve a rest.


Our fruit and vegetable shop proved very popular with the children this week. We took turns to be shopkeeper and customer and counted out pennies to pay for our shopping. Some children wrote a shopping list, drawing symbols for what they needed from the shop. We had fruit and veg in the water tray and made marks in red sand using combs, reels, lolly sticks and straws.

We  talked about the changes that happen to our world in Autumn and noticed the weather, the trees and leaves and thought about what animals do. We heard about harvest and what farmers do. We went on an autumn treasure hunt around the grounds and collected different coloured leaves and looked for something spiky! We enjoyed singing '5 little conkers' with a cheeky squirrel.

On Tuesday, everyone coped very well with having individual photos taken - the children listened carefully and followed instructions. 

Next week: more Autumn changes and Halloween.


We have explored our five senses this week through games and activities. We played opticians, found out about guide dogs and tried to imagine how it would feel to be blind. We went on a listening walk through school, used our hands to guess objects, without peeping and tried to guess what was in the pots using only our noses. We talked about what we like to eat and things that don't taste as nice. The children are very enthusiastic about any new activity and keen to find out.

We have been singing counting rhymes, counting groups of objects and recognising numerals to 3. Outside, the children decided to rearrange the tyres, which went well until they tried to move the truck tyre. There was a lot of good discussion and flexing of muscles, great teamwork until they decided it was actually in a really good spot already.

Next week; Autumn changes and harvest. Parents Evening



The children showed their caring side and really good understanding of how to care for small babies this week. Our baby clinic was very busy which gave us good opportunities for talking and writing as people made appointments and discussed how to look after the babies. The children sorted pictures to say what a baby needs and practised putting nappies on, dressing dolls and even bathing the babies - all really good for fine motor skills development. We had a visit from a real six week old baby but the children seemed worried about disturbing her so they sat very still and quiet throughout!!

We have loved looking at all the adorable baby photos that you sent in and tried to guess who it was, as well as noticing how people have changed. We had great fun crawling, shuffling and rolling like a baby.

Next week: our five senses.  Nursery is closed on Friday for a whole school training day.


A busy week with lots of outdoor play. The children are seeking out particular friends to play with and enjoying the space in our garden.

Our focus was our bodies;  what we can do with them and how to keep healthy and naming all the different parts. We particularly enjoyed talking about healthy teeth and the dinosaurs appreciated their check up! We sang action songs and challenged our bodies. We compared heights using the language: taller, shorter, tallest, shortest and drew outlines to see the shape our body makes.

Next week: babies. 


The children are becoming really familiar with Nursery routines and building strong relationships with staff. They have started to feel that it is their Nursery. The downside to this is that the novelty has worn off, with some children realising that coming to school is an ongoing thing! Some have had a little wobble when saying goodbye which usually lasts seconds rather than minutes and is the normal pattern of behaviour at this age and stage. 

The children have loved showing their family pictures and talking about their special people. We have put them on the wall and the children go to look at them and show each other their family.

We have used jelly figures to count out our family and sorted family toys by size and colour. We thought about our feelings and made mood plates and added features to faces with playdough.

We started our phonics lessons and all enjoyed making some 'silly soup!' A super week!

Next week-my body



We have had lots of fun with our new friends this week. We played games to learn each other's names such as 'Jack be nimble' and did lots of talking about what we like to play. The children are becoming familiar with Nursery routines and can already tell me the 'carpet rules'. New friendships are developing and we have seen lovely co-operation and sharing.

We had the exciting job of harvesting the fruit and vegetables that the children planted last term. We have grown tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes and peppers but the children are a little reluctant to eat them as they want to save them. We looked closely at our faces and features and thought about how you can tell just by looking how someone is feeling. We enjoyed painting our own self portraits. 

Next week: families.


 Welcome back to our 'old' children and their families and welcome to Nursery, to our new children and their families.

We had lovely first week, with settling in sessions and half of our new starters have now joined us. We are busy getting to know each other and making friends. The children have all settled well and coped with the extreme heat and getting up early. Our returning children have been brilliant role models and helped the new children to find their feet.

Please remember to label all your child's belongings and download the free 'school jotter app' to receive general messages from school.

Next week:  More new starters, listening games and getting to know each other.