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Nursery news 2021-22

Friday 22nd July

Wow what a week to end the year! 

I am so very proud of how the children have behaved, coping with the weather, special visitors and changes in routine. Their dancing was also top notch in a steamy disco setting!! We have had lots of fun playing schools, having a dip in the water trays and finding shady spots to eat ice lollies.

The children have been trying to understand that they're leaving but not starting Apple Tree class until September and why some children are bigger(taller) than others but not going to Reception yet. We have had lots of cuddles as we have said goodbye to our leavers and a few tears(mostly staff). Some of the children have been with us for two years, as we used to accept 2 year olds and they are part of the furniture. We are always sad to see people leave but they are ready to move on. They have been a lovely bunch and we will miss them but we are excited for September and to start again.

Thanks so much for your lovely cards, gifts, good wishes and support. They are a bonus for what we already think of as the best job to have.

Have a wonderful summer, we will see our younger children return as our older children and hopefully see our leavers over the fence.


Thank you,

Mrs Sudall and the Nursery team



Friday 15th July

We've had a busy week with successful visits for the older children to their new classes and visits from our new September starters.

Our  current children were very helpful and welcoming to our visitors. The Red and Green apple children came back very excited about their new classroom. I cant believe there is one week to go to the end of school year. We have already said goodbye to some of our friends and are preparing to say goodbye to others. Some children more than others are wanting to talk through the changes.

We have the disco to look forward to on Monday as well as plenty of sorting, tidying and preparing for next year.

Friday 8th July

I was very proud of the children on Wednesday at Sports Day; they listened well, coped with lots of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar setting and all tried their very best. We usually run half that distance so they also did well in finding the finish line!! We had talked at length about staying with staff and not dashing to mums and dads because it was school time and I was looking after them. The children understood and followed the instruction brilliantly. Most of all I was thrilled that no one was sad about not winning and they said they had enjoyed it. Well done everyone!!

We enjoyed lots of messy play and activities for fine motor skills this week and did some planting to spruce up our garden. We now have a compost bin outside and the children have been on the hunt for brown leaves as well as adding their fruit skin and cores from snack time. If the plants survive the enthusiastic watering then we should have some lovely pots to attract insects.

The end of term is very close and our older children are getting ready to move on. As usual it's staff that are finding it hard to imagine nursery without the children.

Next week; reception class visits, Nursery new starter visits and lots of talking.

Friday 1st July

The children enjoyed visiting the school field to have a practice for sports day. They listened well to instructions and learnt the new skill of walking in a line with a partner.  We had the extra excitement of meeting the gentlemen who were marking out the lines for racing on one visit and Year 5 on another visit. Fingers crossed we get to race next Wednesday.

We talked about why it is important to exercise. We kept moving for a whole minute using a sand timer and then found our heartbeat and thought about how our bodies felt.

In the sunshine last week, some of the children were disappointed that they couldn't find many snails and other creatures. We talked about which weather snails like best and took advantage of the showers this week. The children thought about what would make the snails happy in a temporary home. They were very gentle when handling the creatures and we discussed caring for all living things.

Next week; more ways to exercise and 'things I can do'.


Friday 24th June

This week has mostly been about keeping a sun hat on, finding shade and keeping cool!

We  also talked about and described patterns on shells, bark, minibeasts and cones, we then went to look for patterns in our garden. We  painted them onto pebbles and they look beautiful. Thanks to those parents who sent a few in. We will keep the finished pebbles outside to play with. A small selection were chosen to be part of the whole school art exhibition.

Midweek we went next door to Apple class to play in their garden and some of the older children looked right at home!

We have enjoyed having our snack time in the shade of the willow tree. We constantly remind the children to drink lots and they have access to their bottle at all times but each child is different. Some have bottles refilled three times during the day while others have to be coaxed to drink half way. 

The highlight of the week was a very welcome paddle in our water trays- who needs the Caribbean!!!

Next week-getting fit and keeping healthy!  Please see the memo on Tapestry about Sports Day.

Friday 17th June

We have really enjoyed the weather this week and everyone has been busy outside. It can be a tricky time of year as the older children start to think about moving on to big school and all the new people and things that go along with it. Friendships change or become stronger, people are off with holidays and illness and it can be unsettling. I was really pleased to see some children playing with different people this week and playing different games. They coped well with the change of staffing midweek and carried on with the important business of having fun!

Inside we have made camouflage pictures for wild animals, enjoyed lots of animal stories and used our singing voices with the song bag. Well done everyone!

Next week; patterns in nature.

Friday 10th June

We followed the children's interest in wild animals this week and had a jungle theme. We have used the animals to introduce new names, used describing words and tried to hear initial sounds. The children really enjoyed talking about what wild animals eat and spent a long time trying to hunt each other!!

The children had lots to tell us about half term and are enjoying the outside space. The older children are talking about Reception class so we are discussing the change as the topic arises. 

Next week; more wild animals!

Friday 27th May

We found out some facts about Queen Elizabeth 2nd this week and spotted her face on coins, stamps and notes. We listened to the National Anthem and watched a clip of the Trooping of the Colour. The children used 2D shapes to make their own castles and made a royal puppet from a handprint. Outside the children have used lots of energy cycling, chasing and hurdling! We visited Apple Class who gave a super performance and then joined us in Nursery for buns that we had decorated and a drink. 

We are closed for half term next week-reopen on Monday 6th June. enjoy the break!

Friday 20th May

There are lots of lovely photos this week of Thursday's visit by Andy the vet from Tweed House.

He very kindly talked us about all the different animals he has helped from puppies to hedgehogs, owls and even an otter. We looked at pictures of some of the things vets do and examined bones and models that vets practise on. The children were very engaged, they listened carefully, asked questions and offered their own experiences of vets and pets. We had lots of keen volunteers to help Andy!

Outside the children are really enjoying water play in the sunshine. This progressed to making soup in a very muddy puddle. The children worked together, giving each other space to stir and add 'ingredients' and cooperating really well on a game that was all their own idea!  This has the added bonus for the children of practice at getting changed into dry clothes!!!

Next week; castles, princes and princesses.

Friday 13th May

I was very proud of the children this week when we had our animal visitors in school.

Georgy from Sam's Safaris said he was impressed with how well the children listened and how patiently they waited for their turn to meet the animals. I was impressed with how engaged and polite the children were. They also remembered to be gentle and quiet so that we didn't scare the animals. Thanks to Emma, one of our parents, for bringing in their family pets for us to meet.

The craft area has been well used. The children select the materials for their own ideas and it is lovely to see these ideas develop. Please look in the going home box for your child's artwork.

Next week: vets.

Friday 6th May

We have had a super busy week and I feel the children are coming together well as a whole.

The pet shop has been very busy, with cats and dogs being the most popular purchase. Thank you so much for the lovely pet photos that you uploaded. The children have really enjoyed talking about them. We have covered lots of important topics from why not everyone has a pet, scary dogs and the death of pets. We have thought about what a pet needs and how to look after them and had lots of fun playing guess the animal noise.

Our new stage has been very enlightening! Some of our quieter children are definitely performers when it comes to instruments and microphones. We had several dozen performances of just one line of 'we will rock you'.

Some children have really enjoyed playing darts this week. As well as throwing and aiming, taking turns and supporting each other, they have also been practising their number recognition.

A super week!

Next week; Sam's Safaris!

Friday 29th April

The children have really enjoyed our focus on looking after ourselves this week.

We had a Scarfe workshop where the children thought about all the ways to keep ourselves healthy such as exercise, healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep and keeping clean. We met Harold the giraffe and helped him to brush his teeth. We talked about foods that we can eat everyday and those that are for treats. The children sorted sugary foods and learnt about what happens if you don't clean your teeth. We  played vegetable bingo and had our own healthy food shop.

Our friends at Morrisons kindly donated toothbrushes and toothpaste for everyone,  let us know if your child didn't bring one home.

Next week; pets.

Friday 22nd April

Welcome back for our summer term-the last one with our older children and the first for our new starters. 

I was really pleased to hear that everyone got their place in Apple Tree class. There will be more information later in the term and we will be starting transition to help the children get ready for the move to 'big school!' Some of the children have been with us a very long time and it is always sad to think of them moving on. However, seeing them with our new starters made us realise how they have grown and developed.

The new starters have settled well and got on with the business of making friends. The children were kind to each other and tried to help with routines.

A lovely start to the term.

Please send a NAMED sunhat for the weeks of lovely weather we are going to have!!!!!

Next week;looking after myself.

Friday 1st April

Snowy pictures this week, we had to be quick before it all melted! I cant believe we were too hot last week! After playing in the snow, a lot of children got changed out of wet things. It is lovely to see how independent the children are becoming with their shoes and wellies. Everyone can put their coat on by themselves and confidently ask for help when they can't manage. Some children can do a complete outfit change and even bag up their wet things!

We talked about Easter eggs and other symbols this week and found out how some families celebrate Easter. 

We helped a duck to count her eggs and made our own chick. 

We break up for the Easter holidays and reopen on Tuesday 19th. We will welcome our new starters and help them to settle in.

Fingers crossed for lovely weather and a chance for everyone to get rid of coughs and colds.

Happy Easter from the Nursery team!


Friday 25th March

We have made the most of the beautiful spring sunshine this week. The children have enjoyed lots of water play, 'painting' walls, tyres and some of the equipment. They worked together to spruce up the play houses, inside and out. I was very impressed with the self-organised queue as the children waited to fill their buckets-very British!  The shady side of the shed became a good spot for a natter and a bit of digging. The children helped to sweep up dead leaves so that we could appreciate our spring flowers. 

Inside we played a dice game to collect clothes in different colours. It was a good opportunity for talking, sharing and taking turns. We hope you like your special card for Sunday. The children enjoyed making them and talking about their mums. 

We enjoyed meeting our new friends who will start after the Easter holiday. The children are a very friendly bunch and were very polite and smiley to new parents and children.

Next week: Easter-eggs, hunt and how people celebrate.

We break up for 2 weeks for the Easter break on Friday 1st.

Friday 18th March

We have really enjoyed exploring colour this week in the craft area and in other areas of the classroom.

We started with the story of 'The Rainbow Fish,' a beautiful but lonely fish, who learnt to share, made friends and was much happier.

We found out that you need sunshine and rain for a rainbow to appear and named all the colours. We played a dice number game to collect shiny scales. We mixed paint with fingers, brushes and combs to to see what colours we could make. We used our fine motor skills to carefully match buttons on a rainbow and used tweezers to find hidden numbers in rainbow pasta. We even made our own beautiful collage rainbows.

We found out that some children celebrate Holi, the festival of colour and talked about how we celebrate special times.

Most importantly, we have discussed the Rainbow fish story throughout the week and tried to perform acts of kindness to make each other happy. 

We were very excited to receive some new outdoor equipment from 'Friends of Rufford Park' which will develop gross motor skills. Can you spot the more 'traditional' equipment that was also popular!

Next week; Stay and play sessions for our children who are starting after Easter and some special craft activities.

Friday 11th March

Another busy week with lots of outside play in the bright spring sunshine. 

We had a super treat on Tuesday with a visit from a storyteller. We listened to and joined in with the telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We danced, marched, played instruments and also sat very quietly to find out what happened to the very cheeky Goldilocks! 

We learnt the counting rhyme '5 Little Speckled Frogs' this week and found out about the frog lifecycle. We learnt froggy facts such as where a frog's ears are and that they breathe through their skin. We also practised lots of counting.

Next week: rainbows.

Please remember Nursery is closed on Monday for a School Training Day. 

Friday 4th March

We were back at full speed this week, with lots going on in school and the children full of energy(and still full of germs!!) The children had lots to talk about and were excited to see their friends.

We celebrated Pancake Day by using our cutting skills to make funny face pancakes, we invented our own, very strange, recipes(yuck!) and talked about why we follow instructions and why some things are in number order. We challenged the children to flip play dough pancakes and even tried real ones at snack time.

Everyone coped well with the class photo and after about 67 attempts,  most people were looking at the camera. We will wait to see the results!

We have talked about spring and what happens on farms at this time of year. We have matched and named adult and baby animals and read lots of stories set on the farm. We looked for signs of spring and thoroughly enjoyed the brief appearance of the sun. We made rainy day pictures using pipettes to make rain drops (floods).

We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day and the children took part brilliantly in the costume parade in the hall. There were five other classes there and our children enjoyed naming the characters they recognised.

A great week for coping with changes in routine and unfamiliar situations, which the children did very well.

Next week; a visit from a story teller.

Friday 18th February

The children are really coming together as a group now, with people happy to play with whoever is around as well as looking out for their special friend.

The children's building design extended outside with some super teamwork and there was a very large game of 'What time is it Mr Wolf?'

Inside we had our fruit and vegetable shop and the children did very well in taking turns to be the shopkeeper. We counted how many of each item, used a shopping list to select what we needed and matched by colour. We used our fine motor skills in a fruit threading activity.

We talked about the stormy weather and most of the children understand that we are safe in our houses and at school, quite a few had said they could hear the wind in the night.

Half term will hopefully give the germs a chance to go away and the children a rest. Have a super break with the children and we will see you in a weeks time.

Friday 11th February

Nursery has been a hive of activity this week as the builders moved in. Lots of things got built, fixed and demolished!!

The children have been measuring, comparing, designing and working beautifully in a team. We have focused on the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and used our senses to explore and describe materials. We  used small world figures to retell the story and playdough to make our own pigs. The children joined in with the repeated language in the story and enjoyed playing 'big bad wolves' outside. We helped the pigs to pack their bags, counting objects and sharing them out so that each pig had one.

It was really lovely to see so many parents this week at Parents Evening  and great to be face to face. As a team we all appreciate your kind words and its reassuring to know that parents are as happy as the children seem to be. 

Next week;  shopping.

We break up for half term week on Friday 18th February.


Friday 4th February

The children have enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year this week.

We looked at and described artefacts and found out how families celebrate. We talked about our own special times and celebrations and some of the children mentioned going to cafes and restaurants so we set up our own. We chose from a menu and talked about our favourite foods and which foods are healthy. There were some very unusual food combinations served with a smile and some super sharing.

We continued to Squiggle and wiggle, the children are really enjoying dancing and listen carefully to instructions in the 'squiggle' part. In Phonics the older children made up new rhyme versions of 'Humpty Dumpty'- he is very clumsy! The younger children enjoyed playing Nursery Rhyme lucky dip.

As part of storytelling week we joined the rest of school to 'DEAR'-drop everything and read-  Mrs Bull had a keen audience outside when the bell rang. Thank you very much if you have sent us a photo of your child reading at home. They have enjoyed sharing the photos and telling us about the stories. 

Next week; a visit from a storyteller, Parents Evening  and following the children's interests,  we have the builders in!



Friday 28th January

It has been a tricky week as lots of children (and staff) have been feeling unwell with coughs and colds but Nursery has been business as usual!

We have been practising wiping noses and washing hands and the children are reminding each other to 'catch their sneezes'. They have coped very well with staffing changes and have enjoyed having some different staff to play with. 

At carpet time we talked about different sized circles on a snowman and then went around the room to find circle shapes in our environment. Outside 2D shapes were used to make a path around the playground. We practised our cutting skills, becoming familiar with how to hold scissors and what to do with the other hand!

We have continued to sing Nursery rhymes and have learnt a new 'icicle' song and a little snowman rhyme. Ask the children if they will teach it to you! 

Next week; Chinese New Year and  Storytelling week.

Look out for details of Parents Evening Tues 8th and Weds 9th February.

Friday 21st January

This week we have been busy finding out how to turn water into ice and ice into water. We used our senses to explore blocks of ice, added ice to our water tray and talked about animals that love ice and snow. The children added icicles to the roof of their house pictures and made tin foil icicles to use in a new counting song. We did mark making patterns in salt with a stick and had a number of Elsa and Anna's in the role play area.

In the lovely sunshine we went on the slide in Reception class, one of many visits we make as part of transition. 

We continued to help the children to become more independent with their coats, wellies and at the toilet. They are very proud of themselves when they can show us that they are 'a big boy/girl.'

Next week; penguins and polar bears

Please make sure you have downloaded the free 'School jotter app' for newsletters and messages from school.


Friday 14th January

The children have started to come together as a group this week. They have learnt each other's names and new friendships are developing. Good teamwork has been evident in building projects outside and with the car wash that was set up mid week. The children worked together to wash the bikes then started on the play houses.  I was happy to be 'rescued' several times when we had a visit from lots of superheroes (and princesses).

Inside we have been looking at clues and trying to guess the song or rhyme, playing nursery rhyme lucky dip and dancing to our favourite traditional rhymes on the screen. We have enjoyed winter stories and I have been really impressed with the children's focus at story time. We teach 'good sitting' through our carpet rules: hands and feet still, eyes looking, ears listening and lips closed. The children are doing brilliantly!

Next week - more winter.

Friday January 7th 2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our returning children and welcome to Nursery to our ten new starters.

The children were very excited to tell us all their holiday news including those children who had a visit from Santa. Returning children have taken the changes to staffing and numbers in their stride and have moved over to allow our new friends to join us. It is amazing how grown up they seem when compared to the new starters who are finding their feet. They remembered rules and routines and have been very kind to the new children.

We are amazed yet again at how quickly our new children have settled and relaxed. Children who have just turned three have happily waved goodbye at the door and gone off to get busy after just one visit with parents! So far so good but there is always the chance they might have a wobble next week so fingers crossed.

The weather has proved a bit of a challenge this week but we have managed some time outside. Please help us to help your child by labelling EVERYTHING, as they often don't recognise their own things at first.  Thanks.

Next week: ice and freezing.


Friday 17th December

We made it!    Despite coughs, colds, covid, calendars, cards, parties and performances we have managed to do lots of playing, learning and have had great fun at Nursery and we are now only 7 sleeps away from Christmas!

We have had a lovely last week of term. The children have coped well with disruption to their routines and managed to keep their excitement under control. 

Thanks for your kind words, gifts and cards and for your support this term. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 along with our new starters. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the Nursery team.

Friday 10th December

We really hope you enjoyed watching the Nativity this week. The children have practised very hard and were excited and nervous to perform for an audience.

It is a huge ask for three and four year olds to sit still and wait patiently for their turn on stage even without parents in the audience but they enjoyed being part of something bigger than Nursery and rose to the challenge. We feel very proud of them all and look forward to seeing them perform as Reception children next year. They have since asked if they can do the show again and have been singing and acting out the other roles. 

In class we have been preparing some special surprises for the children to bring home, doing lots of Christmas crafts and trying to keep warm and dry as we ran off excess energy outside.

Next week; Christmas Party Wednesday-please send your party pounds asap.


Friday 3rd December

When the school week starts with heavy snow you know its going to be exciting!

We tried to make the most of the snow on Monday. We made tracks, snowballs and a very small snowman(the wrong type of snow!) We used scoops, spades and buckets and used scrapers to get rid of the ice on our equipment. We brought snow inside to see what happened and made our own snowy day pictures. And it was still Monday......!

We have been into the hall to practise our Wriggly Nativity alongside Red and Green Apples and our singing and wriggling is coming along nicely! The children are excited to perform for their parents at the moment, so fingers crossed it goes well on the day!

We got our 'interactive' Christmas tree out and the children have decorated it several times over. I have of course reminded them not to do this at home! The children have told us about visits to Santa and Light events, advent calendars and naughty elves. It was lovely to see some of you at our Christmas Fayre last weekend. Thanks for the donations of cakes and baking.

We have had more new starter visits, which the children took in their stride and in between all that we have done some lovely playing, talking and sharing. 

Next Week- Christmas Nativity Performance 9.30 Weds 8th December

Friday 26th November

It was the turn of the Fire Service this week, as we looked at the emergency services and people who have to work at night when we are in bed.

We rescued people and put out lots of fires. We rescued numbers from a sensory tray and used our finger and hand strength to operate spray bottles, then aim at fire pictures.

By contrast we followed the children's own interests and had a day at the hairdressers. I suppose people could have a hair emergency!!! There was lots of lovely talking about their own experiences and good turn taking.

We have started to learn our Nativity songs and talk about what will happen on the day. Nursery has a very small but important role so I'm trying to prepare the children for wearing a costume and what to expect. 

We had a visit from some of our January starters this week and their parents, all went well and your lovely children were the perfect hosts!

Next week; road safety, singing and performance practices.

Thursday 18th November

We have had a very busy but enjoyable week.

We have been talking about who we can call if we need help and have focused on the police force. We had a visit from PC Willis in his squad car on Tuesday. We had lots of willing volunteers to try out the equipment and get behind the wheel. He told us the ways that police officers keep us safe, as well as locking up 'baddies'. We found out why officers wear high visibility jackets and even tried out the very loud siren and lights!  A few children expected to see a gun as part of the kit which led to interesting discussions. The children were really engaged and have then played police games throughout the week.

There were no queues at our petrol station outside but lots of lovely turn taking!

We have started 'squiggle while you wiggle' which develops our fine motor skills and early pre- writing skills as well as our dancing!!

We have continued with our listening  games, using percussion instruments to games such as guess the sound and match the instruments.

Next week; the fire service.


Friday 12th November

At the start of the week we really enjoyed talking about bonfires, fireworks and we built our own in the garden.

Children worked together to collect sticks and we sat around the campfire toasting our marshmallows! It is really interesting to see who can go along with pretend games comfortably and then develop it. Being imaginative like this is great for language development as well as lots of fun! 

We did firework mark making in salt and then made pictures in sparkly paint. We used instruments to create the sound of fireworks, starting quietly and getting louder.

We thought about what happens in the night when we are in bed; which NOCTURNAL animals appear and we explored our dark area with torches.

Outside I had some willing helpers to sweep the leaves, we then used our bike handling skills to go 'off road' over the big pile.

Everyone coped with the change in routine on our photo day- we practised lining up and waiting quietly for our turn to pose and the photographer was very impressed with the children.

We talked about Remembrance Day and observed 2 minutes silence. The children talked about their own knowledge of poppy day such as seeing the gentleman selling poppies in Morrisons and relatives who used to be in the army.

Next week; people who help us and a special visitor!

Please note Nursery is closed for a whole school training day on Friday 19th November.

Friday 5th November

The children returned from half term full of beans and excited to see their friends.

We talked about what we had done over half term including Halloween. We used our senses to explore pumpkins, especially what they looked and smelled like after a few days, and scraped out the seeds. The children found new ways to use conkers, involving tubes and pipes. We practised counting by making our own spooky spells, 1spider, 4 frogs etc

We found out how some families celebrated Diwali on Thursday and what we thought might happen on Bonfire Night. 

Next week: fireworks, night and day and the start of DOUGH DISCO! Please can you send a small named tub for your child's dough. Thanks



Friday 22nd October 

We have explored the season of Autumn this week.

We have noticed the changes taking place in the world around us. We looked at trees, the weather and named and described Autumn treasures, such as conker husks, pine cones and the beautiful leaves on our Autumn walk. We helped a little squirrel count her nuts for winter, made 'soup' in our water tray and had to rescue several spiders who had come inside on the leaves! In the craft area we painted with carrots and conkers and in maths we made repeating patterns with natural objects.

The children have enjoyed talking about Halloween and their plans(!) so we did some lovely craft activities to follow their interest. 

We all had a check up in our doctor role play area and I'm pleased to say everyone is ok but a little tired and ready for half term!!

Next half term, we will be telling the children about our 'Borrow a bedtime book' box which will live in the cloakroom. Children and parents are welcome to choose a story to share at bedtime, then return it and choose another. We will talk about looking after the books and where to keep them safe.

Have a super half term break.



Friday 15th October

We have had a very busy week in Nursery. We talked about keeping ourselves clean, especially the need to brush our teeth and how that helps to keep us healthy.

We had a visit from a Specialist Children's Nurse who showed us how to listen to heartbeats through a stethoscope and then the children tried. We bandaged some 'injuries' and heard that people sometimes have to sleep at hospital. The children listened really well and most were brave enough to try the equipment. Most children said they had never visited a hospital, which surprised us until we remembered that none of us have visited hospitals for the last two years-most of the children's lifespan!

We thought about each of our senses through activities such as blindfold games, feely bags, a listening walk, guess the sound and smelly pots. We looked at binoculars and other objects that help us see.

Next week; autumn and our own doctors surgery!

Please note we break up for half term next Friday 22nd October

Friday 8th October

The children showed great care and gentleness in our baby clinic this week.

We talked about what we can do now, that we couldn't do when we were babies. What we ate, drank and how we look after babies. We thought about how babies let us know when some thing is wrong and how we, in Nursery, 'use our words' when we are sad, cross or uncomfortable. There was lots of super role play as parents and babies and physical development opportunities in dressing, undressing and changing nappies. We thought about how we have grown and compared heights. The highlight of this week was a visit from a real baby (and Mummy!) not just because of  the cuddle I got!

Teamwork and friendships continue to develop. The children are pleased for each other when they see their friends master a skill and when something is a work in progress we all say that we are 'still learning' and we cant do it YET! 

I look forward to speaking to parents online next week , for Parents Evening.

Next week; keeping healthy and people who help us when we feel poorly.

Friday 1st October

The children were very proud to show their family photos this week and it was really lovely to hear them talk about their special people. 

We used language such as older, younger, sister, brother, cousin, teenager and adult. We practise our talking at carpet time everyday and photos are a super prompt. If you have not sent one in yet there is still time as we will continue to show them over the next few weeks.

We finished our self portraits, made plate faces and talked about who lives in our house. 

In following the children's interests we have played lots of super-hero themed activities. For maths we rolled a die to collect the parts and build a super-hero. We practised cutting skills and chose different faces for a sticking activity. Outside we had a whole team of super-heroes.

Next week: Our senses and babies.

Friday 24th September

We had lots of fun looking at ourselves in the mirror this week and pulled some very funny faces!

We named, described and counted facial features and parts of the body. We sang body themed songs, painted self-portraits and did lots of moving and grooving! We have continued with name games and practising our carpet rules for 'good sitting.' Ask your child if they can remember the carpet rules! They are doing extremely well, remembering  our routines and gaining independence.

If your child was with us in the summer term, you will notice that the Tapestry observations look slightly different. Our curriculum has changed and the way we observe and monitor children's learning has also changed. We will continue to add photos and hope you will do the same.

Next week we are talking about our families. Thanks to those who have already uploaded their family photos, we look forward to sharing them.


Friday 17th September

There has been lots of super co-operation and teamwork this week as the children are playing with their new friends. 

The children are learning names and enjoying exploring the classroom and garden. I am very impressed by how quickly we are coming together at carpet time. We are enjoying our morning song - we do the actions and then sit quietly for register. Lunchtime and snack time are going well with some beautiful manners on show!

Next week: myself and my body.


Friday 10th September

A warm hello and welcome to our new starters and their families and warm welcome back to our returning families!

We have spent this week getting to know each other. The children are settling in well, making friends and and getting used to the routines. We have enjoyed being outside in the last burst of summer and look forward to lots of fun ahead. 

A reminder to all parents; please could you name all belongings including bottles. 

Please can you download the free 'School Jotter App' for messages and news from our headteacher.

Next week; listening and sharing games