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We still have places in our Reception classes for September. Please contact the school for further information.


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Friday 10th July

We have enjoyed trying lots of different sporting activities and exercise this week.

The children have enthusiastically been involved in running, riding, throwing, catching, balancing, stretching, aiming and trying to win at each(!!!)

We have investigated what happens to our bodies during and after exercise and talked about why exercise is so important for us. The children have concentrated well and had a go at everything including yoga!

Inside the craft area has been busy. We looked carefully at summer flowers and made our own sun flowers to add to the mini beast display.

Next week is the last week of a very strange term. Reports are out and if you have any belongings in school please feel free to pick them up. 

If your child is returning to Nursery please let us know if you wish to change any sessions.




Friday 3rd July

We're fast approaching the end of the year and can't believe how quickly this half term has gone.

We are still enjoying our mini beast theme. Any topic around animals and creatures is always very popular. We have ordered insects by their size, used mini beast stamps, coloured and cut our own creatures and used play dough and loose parts to create lady birds. We used fine motor skills to thread beads onto string to make a caterpillar and put numbers in order on a caterpillar's body. The children are very familiar with 'The very hungry caterpillar' story and the life cycle of a butterfly. Some children were lucky enough to have observed the process at home and were able to talk about the stages to their friends in Nursery.

Next week; Sports week!  We will be taking part in lots of sporty activities so please send your child in trainers and comfortable clothes. Thanks!

Friday 26th June

Hello to all our home learners, hope you're well-we miss you!

More children returned this week and while they all had fun, they noticed and missed their friends who weren't there. We regularly discuss the present situation, the children talk about 'big germs,' the virus',  Corona virus' and we try to respond and answer questions in an age appropriate way. They continually impress me with the way they take things in their stride and adapt to the unusual situation we are in. In fact we have had more worried faces this week about the prospect of thunder and lightning which is much more familiar ground.

The heat had us looking for mini beasts in the shady spots in the garden. We had fun with an ice cream parlour, (outside only, take away service!) and the children used water to 'paint' the trees(???)

We practised counting spots on ladybirds, made both sides equal and matched numerals to the amount. We worked on our cutting skills and exercised our finger muscles by squeezing sponges to make bubbles. The children worked as a team to build a castle .

Hopefully returning children have received information about our first session on Monday 7th September 9 o'clock. We look forward to welcoming everyone and catching up. 

Reception staff have said how lovely it was to meet most parents and moving -up children when they delivered the school packs. Big moves but they will enjoy the new challenge.

Next week- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Friday 19th June

It was lovely to welcome back some more of our children this week and great to see the smiles when they saw their friends.

Our focus has been spiders and dodging showers!

We painted hand print spiders, learnt spider facts and practised our counting  with spiders on webs. We found different ways to sort mini beasts  and continued our hunt for bugs outside. We have used the outside area to move in different ways; wriggling like a worm, moving fast like a spider. We have enjoyed playing different board games.

Our older children have been talking about moving to Reception class and I know they have really enjoyed the videos from Apple Class. The 'big school movie' as one child called it!  If your child is returning to Nursery in September there is information on its way about the start of term. 

Next week is ladybird week, fingers crossed for sunshine.

Friday 12th June

Perfect weather for worms this week although we had to import some from Shipley and not so great for talking about summer!!

We have explored worms through different areas of the curriculum. Looked closely and described  worms and how they move and noticed the sections on their body. We have sorted plastic worms by length, made spaghetti worm paintings, used tweezers to move them and play dough to roll them. We used plant pots to practise positional language, hiding them under and behind etc. and really enjoyed reading Superworm which I will add to Tapestry along with a challenge.

The children who are in school are getting used to small groups although they miss their other nursery friends.

Please add to tapestry to let us know what you are up to, its a super way to keep in touch.

Next week; spiders.

Friday 5th June

Welcome back to the children who were in school this week and a big hello to the children who are at home. 

 Everyone was very excited to see each other and settled in after a very short time. We started by talking about the virus,  things that would be different in Nursery and what we all had to do to keep each other safe. The children have readily accepted hand washing, social distance at snack time and a no hugs rule, as part of the new 'normal.'

Staff have really enjoyed the routine and ordinary things;  playing and talking, singing and sharing stories, catching up with news,  even looking for lost shoes and refilling paint pots. The children seem to have doubled in height and are all talking well!

When the wet weather arrived we  hunted for snails in our garden and  looked carefully at their bodies and shells. We talked about what they eat, how they move and parts of their body. The children made their own snail friend and spiral patterns.

Miss Scott has joined Mrs Bull and I in Nursery and has settled in quickly as part of the team. We are hoping Miss sands will be back soon.

Next week we will talk about worms and summer.

Friday 22nd May

Hello everyone, hope you're all safe and well.

Plans are well under way for school to start to re-open after half term. There are specific guidelines to follow, it will be hard at first and different but I am sure the children will, as ever, take the changes in their stride. I was in school teaching on a different day this week so saw some children I haven't seen for eight weeks. I was amazed at how they had grown and developed and thrilled at how pleased they were to see me (the feeling was mutual). I am hoping our returning children are just as excited when they get to Nursery. There is bound to be some time needed to resettle but then we can get on with having fun, playing and learning.

If your child is not returning yet we will continue to keep in touch until they can.

For those children who are moving into Reception in September, information is on its way about transition. 

Thank you for all the updates and photos on Tapestry, 

Have a lovely half term and take good care. 

Mrs Sudall


Thursday 14th May

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

I really enjoyed chatting to everyone on the phone this week, apologies if I didn't manage to catch you. Speaking to some of the children was lovely but only served to make me miss them more and to remind me how lucky I am to have such a rewarding job with lovely children and families. Which leads to ....reopening. You should have had a text, with a link to a letter from the headteacher, regarding plans to open. If you have not seen this, the letter is in the news section on the homepage. There is a survey to complete to help with planning. We are in strange times and the main thing is that you are all safe and well.

Hopefully the good weather is returning soon. I think it is a really positive outcome of this current situation that so many of the children have been spending lots of time outside, exploring their environment, developing gross and fine motor skills, learning practical skills and useful facts about the world around them.  Add to this,  all the delicious baking that's been happening and your children are multi talented!

Thank you for all the posts on Tapestry- keep them coming! Thanks also for your kind messages. 

Take good care

Thursday 7th May

Hello everyone, hope you are all safe and well.

Things are starting to feel more positive but we will have to wait and see if there are any announcements regarding school......

At this time of year in Nursery we are usually thinking about trips, picnics and where the children are in relation to their starting points. I am sure they have all benefited greatly from the extra time they have had with you at home and can't wait to see how they have developed.

I am glad the children enjoyed the story on Tapestry, thanks for your kind comments. I have done another which was slightly less nerve wracking than last week!

The children who were in school this week have talked about VE day and what an important celebration it was for people. They enjoyed looking at photos and making bunting to go around school. It is really valuable to have the time to talk about such big important topics and I am always impressed by the questions children ask.

I look forward to seeing what you have been up to on Tapestry , please keep posting.

Best wishes

p.s don't forget to have a look at the special message from all the staff on the homepage.

Friday 1st May

Hello everyone, hope you are all ok.

The start of another month but not the sunshine we have become used to. From your pictures on Tapestry there seems to have been more indoor craft activities this week and some lovely singing. Some people took up the obstacle course challenge with  inventive use of props, sofa cushions were stepping stones and tables became tunnels. 

I challenged myself to read a story on Tapestry, have a look if you've not seen it. It felt very awkward  but hopefully the children will like it! I don't think CBeebies will be calling anytime soon!

It seems so long since we were in Nursery, I am really missing everyone, hopefully we will be back together soon. I imagine the children will have grown a lot and not just their hair!! I have spoken to Miss Sands and Mrs Bull this week, they are well and really missing everyone too.

Please keep posting on Tapestry, its a great way to keep in touch and lovely to see what you're up to.

Take good care,

Mrs Sudall

Thursday 23rd April

Hello everyone: I hope you are all safe and well.

It has been another beautiful week - perfect for being outside. I can see from Tapestry that people are going on lots of walks and adventures with their family and exploring the world around them.

It is lovely to hear about all the different things you are doing: scooting, riding, painting, reading, digging, sorting, baking(yummy!), exercising and .......chatting to each other on video calls. What a fabulous idea as I know from some parents that the children are really missing their friends. Sometimes grown-ups are just not enough!!

I hope everyone (the older children) has now received their offer of a school place and got their first choice. If there are any issues you can contact school via school email or me via Tapestry and I might(!) be able to help. The school and the Reception team will be in touch at some point in the not too distant future with more information about starting school in September. Hopefully we will all be back in Nursery long before then though.

Please keep posting on Tapestry. The pictures are great.

Very best wishes to you all.


19th April

Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well.

Some of us are returning to school tomorrow for the start of the summer term but for the majority it will be a little while longer yet. I hope you have enjoyed the lovely sunshine and the very strange 'Easter Holiday'. I have been in the garden a lot, made a vegetable patch and moved my small pond.

It seems such a long time since we were together in Nursery and I am sure the children are all missing each other as much as I am missing them. It is especially sad to think that for some of the children it is their last term in Nursery and we would usually spend this term 'getting ready for big school'. Equally some new children who were due to start will have to wait a bit longer to take the big step into Nursery.

I will be looking at Tapestry to catch up with all your news and will set some challenges. Do keep posting, it is brilliant to see what you are up to!

Here is a lovely site for ideas and games for getting active- the Frozen game is bound to be popular! 

Some Number ideas- which you can adapt for your child.

Take good care,

Mrs Sudall

Thursday 2nd April

I hope you are all safe and well and not too stressed and worried by the situation at the moment.

Our Nursery seems very sad and quiet without our lovely children. I have been sorting, cleaning and putting away the toys (which we usually do at the end of each term) so that we know where everything is when we get back. I was thinking about what we might like to play with and find out about, once we are open again. Hmmm.......?? Suggestions of the children's current interests would be very welcome.

I know from reading Tapestry that everyone is very busy and doing lovely activities. It is the 2 week Easter holidays from tomorrow but I know with younger children, that doesn't really mean much. You still have to give structure to their day, get rid of boundless energy (theirs!) and answer lots and lots of questions. Please find below some links that might be useful. There is also a message and links from Miss Tidey, more for the older children but useful for your information too.

These are maths resources starting with stories and games for Early Years.

Here is an online reading resource for the children to access at home. Big Cat Collins have made access to their ebooks free. 

Google Big Cat Collins ebooks or use the link: 

Go to Collins Connect (in blue)

and sign in as a Teacher with the 


Password: Parents20!

Select Big Cat ebooks

Amazon audible have made their online children’s library free at the moment. There are a range of books on there including lots of classics so might be worth a look.

 The world book day site has many online videos of stories too.

Keeping Safe-a message from Miss Tidey

It is really important you all continue to keep yourselves safe.  As well as following the government guidelines, you need to remember all the things we teach you in school about keeping safe.  You can find information about keeping safe under the 'children' tab on our website.  In school we regularly talk to you about what you should do if you feel worried or upset.  It is important you talk to a trusted adult; remember you need to speak up and stay safe.  Miss Tidey, Mr Cooke and Mrs Moss (our Designated Safeguarding Leads) are still available and can be contacted at school.  If you are unable to talk to a trusted adult at school or at home about a worry you have, then you can speak to someone at ChildLine.  Please click on the following link and spend a few minutes reminding yourself of who you can talk to:  On this page you will also find information on how you can get help if you are worried about anything you see online.  

As you are currently learning from home and could well be spending more time online, it is important you also keep yourself safe on the internet.  Please read (or ask an adult to read to you) our E-Safety Rules; you need to remember and follow these when using the internet at home.   Click on this link to view our E-Safety Rules:

We have also provided parents with information about how to keep children safe online.  Please click on the following link for advice on how to support your child to use the internet safely, responsibly and positively:  On this page there are also links to other websites and resources.  

Very best wishes to you all, stay safe and please keep up the Tapestry posts.

Friday 27th March

It seems much more than a week since we were last together in Nursery, I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Looking at your posts on Tapestry, I have been amazed at the variety of super activities you have been doing with the children, from cooking to painting, bug hunting to labelling the body!  The children look like they are relishing this special family time, smiley, relaxed and happy all helped by the beautiful sunshine. There might be more indoor activities on offer next week as the cold weather returns. 

Our chicks returned safely to the farm in a 'mercy dash' just after the lock down started( with permission!). Staff there are putting updates on facebook to show us how they are doing and you will be amazed at how much they have grown.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon- I am missing the children's chatter. Take care.

Friday 20th March

It has been a very strange week in Nursery with few children in and lots and lots of hand washing!

The highlight was the arrival of six beautiful fluffy chicks. We were lucky to see them actually hatch out of their eggs, watch their feathers dry and then put them in the box to stretch their legs. The children were sensible and caring to the chicks, leaving them to rest and snooze, handling them carefully and noticing when they needed water. They also enjoyed seeing other classes in school who came to visit the chicks. It was an exciting and worthwhile experience, such a shame that more of the children didn't get a cuddle. Most of the chicks are going back to the farm next week, some have decided to take up residence in Yeadon!

Hopefully we will all be back together soon. Keep busy and take good care!

Friday 13th March

We had a very interesting visit this week from Andy the vet from Tweed House Vets . He brought in models and equipment which he explained to the children and he talked about some of the pets he has cared for. The children were fascinated and gave him their full attention. They asked and answered questions and he remarked on the excellent behaviour and good knowledge and understanding from the children.

We have been busy in our vet role play and pet shop where the children chose a 'suitable' pet and thought about what they would need to look after their pet.

We really enjoyed our Spring walk on a beautiful bright morning. We tried to spot the changes that are taking place in our garden and around school grounds. 

We used tweezers to pick up dried pasta-developing finger strength and talking about containers that are full, empty, half full.

We are getting very excited about our eggs/chicks. It has been a big focus of conversation and the children seem to have understood the possibility that some or all of the eggs might not hatch. We will keep our fingers crossed. 6 sleeps to go!

Next week; chicks?????


Friday 6th February

It felt like 'spring was in the air' this week and we have enjoyed some lovely warm afternoons outside as well as cold bright mornings.

We have seen the lovely caring side of the children this week, when they did a shift in the vet's surgery. There was lots of speaking and listening and plenty of mark making and early writing opportunities. The children favoured injections as treatment for the animals, which might be them getting their own back after their pre-school boosters!!! 

We enjoyed the World Book Day activities and all children listened well, joined in and did us proud!

The coughs and colds are back, thank you with your support in encouraging hand washing. 

Next week; more pets!

P.S. the children are checking several times a day-every day, on whether we have chicks yet-only 12 sleeps to go.

Friday 28th February

We had a very exciting start to the week and really, really made the most of the snow, inside and out!

The children really enjoyed themselves and their enthusiasm rubbed off(for a short time!)

Inside we had a jungle themed role play area. We talked about wild animals, how they get their food and why they don't make good pets! We made collage pictures  with animal prints and hid some animals in camouflage pictures. We have named and talked about some more unusual animals and noticed how different chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are from each other.

In maths we have been comparing animals by size and using the language; smallest, biggest, tallest, shortest.

We made play dough pancakes and tried flipping them and talked about our favourite toppings.

Most importantly, we have an  incubator and 7 eggs. We have talked about what will happen (hopefully!) and the importance of not disturbing the eggs.

We just have to wait for 19 sleeps now!!

Next week: pets

Friday 14th February

Our focus this week was on Nursery Rhymes.

The children are building quite a repertoire and were able to guess the rhyme by looking at the clues in the basket. We have had a few 'teachers' leading groups with the 'song bag' and also with our lucky dip cards; choose a card, sing the rhyme.

 We have used the hall quite a few times this week to avoid the wind, ice and rain and managed to put more miles in on our balance bikes.

After half term we are looking at creatures and will have something very special join us in Nursery!!! (very exciting!)

Thank you to those who joined us for parents evening, it was great to catch up and discuss your lovely children!

Happy half term, enjoy your family time.

Friday 7th February

We have been thinking about size this week, comparing children, shapes, toys, wands, diggers, string and anything else we could think of!

We used the language of measurement; longest, shortest, tallest, shorter than, taller than etc

Our focus on early reading has seen the children engaged in lots of  listening and sound games such as finding objects with the same initial sound, playing song bag(ask them!), acting out rhymes and identifying sounds.

We have enjoyed the sunny afternoons outside and when the weather was too nippy we enjoyed dressing up and singing to the Frozen songs! Yes it is work!!!!!

Next week-we are focusing on Nursery Rhymes.

Friday 31st January

This week the children have loved trying out the 'new to us' balance bikes.

The 'Friends of Rufford Park' team very kindly sourced and delivered them to us and they have already been well used! Thanks to them and to those parents who donated them. We really do appreciate it.

In other news we have been reading stories about dragons, princesses and castles and playing lots of dressing up and pretend games. In maths we have counted dragon eggs. We have been to the hall during wet spells, which our newer children enjoyed and coped with very well.

If you have not booked an appointment for parents evening and wish to do so, please complete a form and hand it to the office or to Nursery.

Next week:more princesses!


Friday 24th January

We could really see friendships developing this week both inside and out with some lovely cooperation and make believe games.

We found out about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Made lanterns, flags and served up some lovely 'noodles'.

The 'Frozen' area is still very popular with some enthusiastic renditions of 'Let It Go!'

In Maths, the children have been following instructions using positional language and have made sets of hats, gloves and scarves by matching the patterns. We also used the Interactive Whiteboard for some counting practise; adding buttons to a snowman.

Next week; castles.

Friday 17th January

We have enjoyed exploring ice through our senses this week.

We talked about which things, other than water, we can freeze and what makes it melt. Our frozen palace was popular and prompted lots of imaginative play.

In maths we filled different sized containers with blue sand, talking about full and empty, using different sized scoops and spoons. We also counted penguins  and made our own icy penguin display.

Our new starters are quickly learning our routines and making friends, some feel like they've been with us forever!

Next week: winter and snowmen.



Friday 10th January               Happy New Year!

Welcome to all our new children and their families and welcome  back to all our 'old timers!'

We have had a busy but enjoyable first week back. Our established children were happy to be back, see their friends and showed real kindness to the new starters. The new children seemed to have fun and really settled well. A lovely way to start the new year!

We spent some time exploring the weather this week, talking about winter and finding out what happens on a windy day.

Next week: winter and ice.

Please remember to label all your children's belongings with their name.


Friday 20th December

We made it!

This week the children have performed a Nativity, met a police officer, made Christmas cards, played party games, had a visit from Santa and packed away a lot of goodies. They have coped with fog, ice, rain, coughs, colds and tummy bugs and are still SMILING!

Thank you for your kind messages, cards and gifts. I hope you and your family have a super Christmas and some special family time!

Merry Christmas!

Friday 13th December

We've had a busy week rehearsing for our Nativity and sorting our costumes. The children have learnt the songs and actions and we are ready to go on Monday! 

We have enjoyed Christmas crafts and used tweezers to move pom poms on baubles.

We had a fantastic time at Blossom Court. It really is a lovely event and the children did us proud. They sang charmed the residents with their smiles and their singing!

One week to go! Nativity Monday, a visit from the police Tuesday and party Friday.

Friday 6th December

The children were busy putting out fires and 'helping people' this week until...our Christmas tree arrived!

The tree has been decorated several times over; all good practice for fine motor skills. There was some lovely sharing and cooperation and lots of ' leave it!' to each other. I have explained that we shouldn't touch the trees at home and in public without asking first!

We are doing well learning the Nativity songs and will be going in to the hall to find out where we sit etc.

Our reading area is very popular in its new position in the classroom. The children look at books independently, with each other and listen to adults read to the  class and in smaller groups. They have favourite books they return to but enjoy looking at non-fiction and new stories. It is also our cosy place where some children relax (and sleep!)

There are lots of poorly children at the moment with coughs, colds and 'sicky' bugs. Please remember the 48 hour rule after an upset tummy.

Next week: The Christmas Story and rehearsals.

November 29th

We have been keeping Yeadon safe this week!

The children have enjoyed our police station, taking turns to catch 'the naughty guys!' We discussed the other ways in which police officers can help us and have talked about road safety. We thought about other 'warning' lights and what they mean. There have been lots of opportunities for language development, speaking in sentences and learning new vocabulary. We are having a visit from a police officer in the last week which will be very exciting.

We used the horrible wet days to experiment with colour. We added powder paint to puddles and used chalk to see what happened when we wet it, with interesting results.

We have started learning the songs for our Nativity and listened to the Nativity story to give it some context. 2 weeks to go until the performance!! If you are able to join us please make sure you have ordered your  tickets!

Next week: the fire service and LOTS of Nativity play rehearsals.


October 25th

Thank you so much to those parents who were able to join us yesterday for our crafts and coffee session!

The children coped brilliantly with the change in routine and it made a lovely end to a very long half term. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the types of activities the children are involved in. The children all said they enjoyed it, even the ones whose parents were not there and I'm sure its not just because of the biscuits! Thank you also for your Harvest gifts.

We have explored 2D shape through games and activities this week, found shapes in our environment and created pictures with shapes.

Enjoy the break, hopefully the children can rest(!) and get rid of the coughs and colds ready for the next half term.

Next time; Light and dark and..........CHRISTMAS!

October 18th

We continued looking at Autumn this week and found out what hedgehogs do to prepare for winter. We used our fine motor skills to add peg spikes to hedgehogs and in threading fruit and vegetables onto a lace.

We have compared different sized pumpkins and squash and used our muscles to lift the biggest of all. The children made healthy harvest baskets, choosing fruit and vegetables that they like and talking about why they are good for us. We explored root vegetables in the water tray to make some lovely soup and sang a counting song that involved shiny conkers and a very hungry squirrel!

Next week- Shape week.

Please join us if you can for crafts and coffee on Thursday at drop off time.

October 11th

We managed to get outside, in between the showers, to look for Autumn 'treasure'. Our grounds have lots of beautiful trees so we were able to find, name and talk about Autumn and the changes that take place. We have played Autumn 'I spy', mixed Autumn colours and painted leaves. 

We replenished the resources in the mark making area which has prompted lots of super, writing, colouring and drawing.

The most popular activity this week has been serving in our fruit and vegetable shop. The scanning and till work has been superb!

Next week -Harvest

October 4th

This week we have done lots of activities which involved using our senses to explore our setting, unusual objects and the world. The children have enjoyed smelly pots, listening games, feely bags using our fingers not our eyes and lots of talking! We learnt new words to describe the texture of things, chatted about our favourite foods and smells and talked about objects and equipment that help us to see.

The 'song bag' game is super popular with the children who have now cut out the middle man and play the game beautifully without adult help!

Next week; Autumn

September 27th 

Yeadon Medical Centre must have been very quiet this week because our surgery was very busy!

The children showed their very caring natures as they looked after each other in our role play area. We learnt new vocabulary and used the telephone to book appointments.

We talked about keeping clean and healthy and gave our babies a very gentle(!) bath.

We really enjoyed our listening walk around school. We listened carefully to identify sounds. Unfortunately for us school was very quiet at the time!!! 

Next week- Our senses

September 20th

This week we have focused on ourselves and our family. We have really enjoyed looking at the photos you have sent in. The children have proudly named their family members and told us things they like to do with their family.

We used mirrors to look closely at our features and made each other laugh pulling faces and copying expressions. We have looked at photographs and tried to say how the person was feeling which led to lots of brilliant talking: what makes us happy, grumpy, worried etc

Outside we gave the house a good clean with sponges, bubbles and copious amounts of water! Good exercise for hands and wrists as well as looking after our toys.

I am very impressed with how well the children are coming together as a group already. They really enjoy stories and are sitting well to listen. At circle time everyone is joining in with our songs and answering the register in a good clear voice. Brilliant!

September 13th

Welcome to the start of a new year in Nursery. Our children have settled quickly, new friendships are being forged and the new starters have quickly learnt our routines.

A fab start!