Our staff



Mrs A. Anslow


Deputy Head

Miss G. Tidey (Inclusion Manager)


    Assistant Head

                Mr P. Douglass



Class teacher: Mrs A. Sudall (RE coordinator)

           Teaching assistant: Ms H. Sands

               Teaching assistant: Mrs L. Bull


Reception: Red Apple Tree Class

             Class teacher: Mrs E. Deen (ICT coordinator)

           Class teacher: Mrs T. Waddilove-Carr

Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Richardson (HLTA)

        Teaching assistant: Ms N. Sanderson


Reception: Green Apple Tree Class

   Class teacher: Mrs L. Millen (Reading coordinator)

Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Richardson (HLTA)

Teaching assistant: Ms N. Sanderson


Year 1: Pear Tree Class

      Class teacher: Miss V. Schofield (PHSE coordinator)

  Teaching assistant: Mrs J. Hattersley

 Teaching assistant: Miss K. Sanderson


Year 1/2: Lime Tree Class

                       Class teacher: Mrs N. Cahill (Music coordinator)

        Teaching assistant: Miss C. Peacock


Year 2: Cherry Tree Class

Class teacher: Mrs F. Moore (KS1 leader; Writing coordinator)

Teaching assistant: Mrs A. M. Bellwood


Year 3: Willow Tree Class

         Class teacher: Ms T. Syczuk

     Teaching assistant: Mrs A. Greaves


 Year 3/4: Cedar Tree Class

         Class teacher: Mr J. Rothel (PE Coordinator) 

           Teaching assistant: Miss H. Roberts (HLTA)


                                        Year 4: Beech Tree Class

                Class teacher: Mr J. Bentham (History / Geography coordinator)

                                 Teaching assistant: Miss E. Watson


Year 5: Oak Tree Class

Class teacher: Miss D. Bairstow (Art & DT coordinator)

    Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Hand (HLTA)


Year 6: Ash Tree Class

  Class teacher: Mrs L. Trotter (Lower KS2 phase leader; Maths coordinator)

    Teaching assistant: Mrs T. Senior (HLTA)


Year 6: Maple Tree Class

     Class teacher: Mr P. Douglass (Assistant Headteacher; Science coordinator)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs T. Senior (HLTA)


Phonics and Reading Intervention

Mrs P. Darley (HLTA)


Learning Mentor

Mrs J. Stephenson (Art Club Leader)


Business Manager

   Mr N. Todd


Family Support Worker

   Mrs C. Moss


Office Staff

Mrs J. Rushworth

Mrs D. Firth


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J. Hattersley


Lunchtime Assistants

Ms N. Sanderson

Mrs K. Richardson

Miss E. Watson

Mrs L. Jackson

Mrs A. Greaves

Mrs K. Hand

Miss H. Roberts

Miss K. Sanderson

Ms H. Sands

Mrs L. Bull

Miss C. Peacock

Miss S. Jacques


Before and After School Club

Mrs A. M. Bellwood (Leader)

Miss N. Sanderson

Mrs P. Darley

Mrs K. Richardson

Mrs L. Jackson

Miss K. Sanderson

Mrs J. Hattersley


    Designated Safeguarding Officers

Miss G. Tidey (Leader)

Mrs A. Anslow