September 20th

This week we have focused on ourselves and our family. We have really enjoyed looking at the photos you have sent in. The children have proudly named their family members and told us things they like to do with their family.

We used mirrors to look closely at our features and made each other laugh pulling faces and copying expressions. We have looked at photographs and tried to say how the person was feeling which led to lots of brilliant talking: what makes us happy, grumpy, worried etc

Outside we gave the house a good clean with sponges, bubbles and copious amounts of water! Good exercise for hands and wrists as well as looking after our toys.

I am very impressed with how well the children are coming together as a group already. They really enjoy stories and are sitting well to listen. At circle time everyone is joining in with our songs and answering the register in a good clear voice. Brilliant!

September 13th

Welcome to the start of a new year in Nursery. Our children have settled quickly, new friendships are being forged and the new starters have quickly learnt our routines.

A fab start!