Friday 15th February

We have really enjoyed our focus on rhymes this week and all the activities we have tried

We sang lots of nursery rhymes, acted them out with props, tried to fix Humpty back together again and used Humpty Dumpty to practise positional language. We have used rhymes to practise counting and found different versions of popular rhymes!

The warm sunshine has been a bonus and felt quite springlike. Enjoy your half term break together, lets hope the coughs and colds disappear.

Friday 8th February

The children have enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year this week. We looked at artefacts and found out how some people celebrate, which lead to lots of fantastic role play! We even tried some crackers and 'lucky candy'!

Our castle was still very popular. Naughty fairies and wizards could often be heard cackling; 'mou,ha,ha,' as they turned staff to stone, into frogs, or the preferable-sleep for a hundred years.

In maths we were comparing length and height of objects such as wands and hair plaits.

The brighter weather saw lots of group games and teamwork outside and made us think of spring. 

Next week; our focus is Nursery Rhymes.

Parents Evening is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday 1st February

Snow at last!

We finally got to play in the snow, however it was the 'wrong' type of snow and not at all suitable for making a snowman! Instead we made tracks,snow castles, snow angels and filled containers. We had lots of fun and the children were very sensible,helping each other to get togged up and coming inside to warm up as soon as they were asked. We also brought the snow inside to play with!

During the week, the castle has held various knights, princesses and dragons as well as a very bad fairy. There have been super ideas for role play, some based on traditional stories and some with a modern twist and I think everyone has been involved at some point.

The small castle and figures lead to lots of discussion and language and was great for reinforcing sharing in Nursery. As did our hand puppets which we used to make up our own stories.

In maths we counted dragon eggs and in the craft area we made shields and wands and experimented with pipettes and straws in the paint. 

Its been a really enjoyable week full of enthusiasm! Lets see what happens when more bad fairies and wizards move into the castle next week!

Friday 25th January

A busy week, all about snowmen, the only pity being that we didn't have enough real snow to make one outside! We have used a variety of materials and techniques to make a snowman and done lots of talking about the weather and the children's own experiences. We counted the snowman's buttons, penguins and ordered numbered snowmen.

Staying inside because of the weather has led to some lovely group games and dressing up.We also went to the hall to use the large space to play some listening games. Our newer children coped well with the change of scenery and we all enjoyed the games.

Next week; Castles!


Friday 18th January

The weather obliged at just the right time this week! We were able to investigate real ice and frost to follow up our look at ice cubes in a tray. We used lots of describing words for how they looked and felt learnt a new rhyme '5 Little Icicles'.

In maths we added the right number of objects to match the number on the hat, matched the patterns on hats and scarves and used the Interactive whiteboard for counting practise.

The snowy small world with polar bears and penguins is stimulating new language and imaginative play and the role play area has been extremely popular. The girls and boys who have wanted to dress up have all shared the resources well, waiting patiently for their turn, choosing something else until their time. Having to wait for something you really, really want is good training for life!! As is having to keep trying when things are difficult; which lots of the children had to do with our cutting activity. It was a new skill for some and everyone tried really hard.

Next week; snowmen, a new rhyme and snow(hopefully!)


Friday 11th January

Welcome back to the children and their families this week and also welcome to our new starters and their families!

Everyone came back excited to see their friends and ready to get busy! We had a very smooth start to the year and are looking forward to getting stuck into our new winter topic! We sorted items by deciding whether they would keep you warm and dry in cold wet weather, which led to lots of discussion. 

Next week freezing and melting!

Friday 21st December

Wow what a week!

Singing at Blossom Court Tuesday, party Wednesday, Christmas Jumper Day today, presents, cards, dreadful wet weather, sickness bugs, high temperatures .......and a visit from Santa!!

BUT the children have remained calm, polite and good fun throughout the week!

We have had a lovely time, the children are very excited and its great to be able to share that with them.

Thank you so much for the lovely cards, gifts and good wishes. Have a super holiday, 

Happy Christmas!

Friday 14th December 

 The children did a FANTASTIC job on Tuesday for our Nativity!

 Everyone was aware of the expectations and sat quietly and still until it was their turn and remembered where they were supposed to be. It is a very big occasion with the lights, costumes and audience but the children coped brilliantly and seemed to enjoy it. They have been singing and acting out the story all week! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and if you didn't manage to come I hope you like the photos.


Friday 7th November 

We have had quite a few children off with the sickness bug this week. Its going through school and comes on suddenly. We are constantly reminding the children about the importance of washing their hands after sneezing, going to the toilet and before eating. I think we are getting there, it does help that they enjoy washing hands and playing with the bubbles!

I hope you enjoyed the videos of the children using the 'magic way' of putting on their coat. They were excited to show you, it works with the coat on a table too! They are very capable and do enjoy their independence.

We have rehearsed and tried on costumes for the Nativity this week and all is going well.There are a variety of animals in the stable, some you may not have heard mentioned before!!

We made some decorations and trimmed up the classroom. The children are really good at decorating and stripping our Christmas tree which is great for their fine motor skills. I have said they should ask before touching anyone else's tree!.

We look forward to seeing some of you on Tuesday. You should have received information about our party, if not please ask.

Friday 30th November

We've had a very busy week and time is flying. We went into the hall for our first run through of our Nativity play: 'I spy Christmas' and the children were fab so fingers crossed! 

We talked a lot about how the police force are here to look after us and protect us and not just put bad guys in jail, although there was lots of that in role play! 

Lots of play has led from the Christmas story; numerous mums have given birth in stables surrounded by animals and we had the rock version of the songs outside!

I love my job!

Next week; more rehearsals, listening games, 3D shapes.

Friday 23rd November

What a miserable week outside!

The murky weather didn't stop our children being busy though and we did get VERY excited midweek with the snow. 

We have explored different types of lights that people use such as lanterns, candles, torches and fairy lights. We looked at reflective clothing and how it helps to keep us safe and found out that shiny things show up best in the dark cave. We talked about people who have to work at night when we are in bed and set up our own fire station.

We used a light box to show that our eyes need light to see which the children tested independently for a long time, just to make sure!

Outside we used natural objects for maths; build a triangle from sticks, get 5 leaves etc.

We have started practising our Nativity songs, which are coming along nicely and we have visited the hall to get used to the surroundings and let off steam when too wet outside. 

Next week; the emergency services, comparing heavy and light, starting rehearsals.

Friday 16th November 

Our dark cave was the place to be this week! The children really enjoyed exploring the dark with torches, some were more comfortable around the classroom but some brave souls risked the cave! The children have taken turns with the torches and supported each other when it was a little scary. We have talked about how the dark makes us feel and enjoyed lots of stories about the dark!

We have talked about animals that come out at night and have made nests for hedgehogs to hibernate. We have also thought about night and day and sorted objects that we use in each case.

We used bats for a counting activity and using positional language to place the bats.

Next week ;keeping safe, reflectors lights.

Friday 9th November

The children came in bright and enthusiastic this week and ready to see their friends.

We have talked about fireworks; what they look and sound like and how they make us feel!! We used the musical instruments to make our own firework sounds and made marks on the large tray. We have talked about some animals going to sleep in Autumn.

Water play took place in puddles this week; wellies would be a good idea!!!

Finally, we played a game called 'Silly Soup' where we add unusual items depending on their beginning sound. The children loved it and have played it all week taking it in turns to be Mrs Sudall. Very interesting hearing myself!!!

This morning we joined the rest of school in making a poppy to place on the grass bank as part of national Armistice day celebrations. We had some very good and thoughtful questions from the children which we tried our best to answer.

Friday 26th October

Fabulous shape work this week!

We have named, sorted, described, matched, found and built with common 2D shapes both inside and out, as well as painting on different shaped paper, printing and sticking. 

The children are now shape experts (?) so it would be lovely if you could encourage them to spot shapes when you are out and about over half term.

Some children made collage pictures using natural objects and our Autumn tray is now overflowing with treasure they have found.

It has been a very successful half term of settling in and getting to know each other. The children deserve a rest and hopefully will get rid of the horrible coughs and colds that are lingering.

Have a lovely week together, we will be exploring light and dark when we return.


 Please will you make sure your child has a warm coat and wellies after the holiday as we play out in all but the worst weather. Thanks

Friday 19th October

The fruit and veg shop has been very busy this week with shop assistants and customers.We have used vegetables throughout Nursery for describing, printing, painting, comparing size and weight and finger strengthening exercise in the form of scooping out the middle of a pumpkin.There has been lots of chatting about healthy foods and which fruit and veg we each prefer as well as paying in shops, numbers and counting.

We read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and children then acted it out.

Children have enjoyed mark making on whiteboards and mixing their own Autumn colours with paint. We also had a 'royal visit' from several princesses.

Everyone coped really well with the photographs on Thursday, they waited patiently for their turn and gave their most fetching smile!

Next week; shapes.

Friday 12th October

I thought we would show you the pictures of our lovely Autumn walk this week. We had glorious sunshine which showed the trees in all their glory. We stayed within school grounds to look for treasure and the children all filled a bag with leaves, pine cones and conker husks. I hope you appreciated them coming home!! The children listened carefully and followed instructions.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Friday morning. I hope you enjoyed our very brief Harvest celebration, the children said they did!. I was thrilled with how the children coped with visitors and hope it showed you how well everyone is following our routines and joining in.(Fingers crossed for our Nativity!!)

Next week;harvest on farms, and a fruit and veg shop.


Friday 5th October 2018

Two types of photos this week; some showing our work on senses and some of our new friends.

We played games and did activities that focused on each of our senses; feely bags, smelly pots, identifying sounds and exploring instruments, seeing far and near and a sensory basket to extend our language. The children were very trusting(well some were!) in our blind tasting session, we tried to describe fresh lemon, cocoa powder and icing sugar. The funny faces said it all!

I am thrilled at how the children are getting along. Children have joined us from a number of different settings, for some it is their first experience of Nursery and some have been here a year already. They are all at different ages and stages but are trying very hard to have fun. Some lovely friendships are developing but the nicest thing is when the children play together in a large group.

What a lovely bunch!

Next week Autumn and Harvest.



September 28th 2018

The doctors surgery has been very busy this week! People have struggled for an appointment. 

There has been some fabulous imaginative role play and language as the children looked after each other, used the telephone and wrote prescriptions. Sore throats and ears seemed the most common ailment!

We have been talking about keeping clean and healthy,  comparing height and naming parts of the body.

The group are gelling well and often play games all together which is lovely to see. We have had a bus journey and lots of picnics already!

There was science in action when the children discovered that they could change the sound of popping bubble wrap by changing the speed they rode over it. 

In real life the sickness bug is going around . Please remember if your child is sick they should wait 48 hours from the last time they are sick before returning to Nursery. 

Next week;the senses.

September 21st 2018

Welcome to everyone old and new!

We have had a lovely couple of weeks settling in and getting used to routines. The children have made new friends and renewed old ones. It does feel like our brand new children have been here forever as they have adapted so well in such a short time.

Here are just a few pictures from the start of term to show what we have been up to.




Next week; our bodies and keeping healthy!