Welcome to Cherry Tree Class!


We are a class of hard working Year 2s who are taught by Mrs Moore and supported by Mrs Bellwood.

PE: We have P.E. on a Monday and Tuesday.  Children need to have their kit in school on those days, including trainers for outside lessons.

READING: Reading books need to be brought to school each day in book bags. They will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Children should be reading at home at least 3 times a week.

HOMEWORK: Spelling and Maths or English homework is given weekly. Homework is sent home on a Friday and must be handed in by the following Thursday.  Homework is usually based on things we have been learning in school that week. Homework must be completed in pencil. Children are tested on their spellings in school on a Thursday.

All children have a Mathletics password and are encouraged to use this website to work on their Maths. They also have a login to use the spelling app accessed via the school website. Children are encouraged to use this, especially to work on their word walls 1 and 2, as these contain the most commonly used words. 



There are lots of interactive games that you can use for your computers or tablets. Here are a few good websites to help your child's education.


Summer 2

How have we already reached the final half term?  

Skipping Festival

We started off the half term with the Skipping Festival at Leeds Trinity University.  The children had a fabulous time and were great sports people.  We performed really well achieving awards for all individual skips and both the group skips.  We were also the overall winners of the morning gaining a place in the finals.  Well done Year 2!



Our topic this half term is about 'The Seaside'.  The children are enjoying learning about what a seaside is and how they have changed since Victorian Times.


We have enjoyed looking at old photgraphs and finding evidence about seasides in the past.


What a fantastic day we all had!  The weather was perfect and the children were all amazingly well behaved.

We had a talk by the Life Guard about water safety and the best places to be on the beach.  The children then all enjoyed playing on the sand; building sand castles and digging bit holes.

The water temperature was nice and warm for paddling in the sea.  The children all enjoyed their paddle.

Enjoy looking at all the pictures of our wonderful day.   

We have enjoyed talking about day and writing post cards from Filey.


Summer 1

A very busy half term for Year 2!  The children have enjoyed our topic all about Traditional Tales.  We have read different versions of the 'Three Little Pigs' and thought about how they were similar and different.

The children have written some amazing recounts inspired by the 'Three Little Pigs' story.  We have written diaries, letters and even some postcards.

In science we have been learning about different materials.  We have thought about why some of the pig's houses were stronger than others.  We have looked at different materials and thought about the difference between the object and the material it is made from.

In maths we have been revisiting all the 4 operations, solving word problems using different strategies.

The children have enjoyed using practical equipment to solve measures problems.


As part of a local school's art competition Year 2 were given the task of recreating Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night picture.  We adapted the picture to fit in with Key Stage 2's Drama Club performance of 'The Lion King'.  We used acrylic paints and canvas for our finished piece.  The children all played a part in the finished piece, either sketching or painting.  What a fantastic result!


Spring 2

What a fantastic start Year 2 had to this half term! We had an afternoon of skipping with 'Jodie'.  We worked on our individual skipping and started to learn some group skips.  We will be having another Skipping  Workshop later in the year ready for our Skipping Festival in June (more information to come nearer the time).


World Book Day 2019!   

Key Stage One and Reception had a great start to World Book Day with a special visitor coming to school.  Lynne Chapman, who is a children's illustrator, came to school and spent an afternoon with us.  She read some of the stories that she has illustrated and also did some drawing for us.  The children got the opportunity to invent a character for Lynne to draw.

Children also had the chance to buy a signed copy of one of her books.





On World Book Day we had a book theme.  Cherry Tree Classes book was 'James and the Giant Peach'.  We all dressed up as characters from this book.  All the children did a fantastic job and we had some very imaginative costumes.



We had a fantastic day doing 'James and the Giant Peach related work.  We designed a new book cover and wrote postcards from New York.

We had a parade in the hall so everyone could see each others costumes.




Our topic this half term has been 'Weather'.  We have been learning about different types of weather and how the weather can change during different seasons.

In science we have investigated how clouds are formed and how this then becomes rain.  We made our own clouds in a jar and used food colouring to show how it rains when the clouds become too heavy.




We have been learning about stories from different cultures and climates.  We have talked about different weather types and climates around the world.  We have used maps and atlases to find these countries and the continents which they are in. 

We have been describing characters and settings and written our own versions of stories.

To end our topic we made some weather themed buns.  We used this to learn about different units of measure and which we needed to use to measure out the ingredients. 



Spring 1


Year 2 had a 'Superhero' half term!  We found out about fictional, real life and historical Superheroes.

We ended our topic with a Superhero Day where we all came to school dressed as Superheroes. 


We had historical Superheroes like Grace Darling and Florence Nightingale.  We had real life Superheroes; Police, Nurses, Firefighters and Doctors.!  And of course we had lots of fictional Superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider Man.  Some children even came as their own invented Superheroes; Parrot  Girl, Flamingo Girl, Thunder Girl and Bird Girl.




In science the children investigated the 'Best Material' to make a Superhero Cape from.  We made story boards and moving characters and shared our stories with a partner.


The children and staff all had a fabulous day.  


During our topic the children enjoyed writing Superhero Stories.  We read the book Traction Man and then wrote our own Traction Man stories.  We also invented our own Superheroes and wrote stories about them and their special powers.  We also wrote some Superhero inspired poems.


The children learnt about historical Superheroes.  We learnt about Grace Darling and how she was a Superhero because she saved the lives of 9 passengers who were stranded in the sea after their steamship sank off the North East Coast in 1838.


We also found out about real life Superheroes and had a visit from some Paramedics from the Leeds Ambulance Service.  They talked to the children about their job and some of the emergencies that they get called to.  The children enjoyed trying on some uniform, administering some basic first aid and learning about how and when to make an emergency call.



Autumn 2

During our topic about 'Florence Nightingale' the children enjoyed using maps to follow her journey to the hospital in Scutari. 

We also had a visit from Florence Nightingale herself who talked to the children about her life and why she wanted to be a nurse.  We pretended that we were working  in the hospital.  We made beds and cleaned the wards.


We sorted objects in groups of what we might find in Scutari Hospital before and after Florence Nightingale arrived.  We talked about how her changes saved the lives of many soldiers and how after the war her work changed hospitals in England too. 

Christmas 2018!

The children had a fantastic time in our Christmas Performance 'Hey Ewe'. The singing, dancing and acting was amazing.



We all enjoyed our Christmas Party and of course our visit from Santa!


Autumn 1

During our topic 'Down the bottom of the garden' the children enjoyed exploring the school grounds to find small animals.  We explored the habitats that they were living in and investigated why different animals like different types of habitats.

We had great fun designing and making our own 'Shoebox Habitats'.

The children listened to some stories inspired by animals.  We wrote descriptions of different settings and animal characters in the stories.  We even wrote some of our own stories based on the books read, changing some characters and settings.