17-11-17 The children enjoyed wearing their pyjamas to school and showing each other their 'characters'  which prompted lots of talk!

We sang the song '10 in the bed' which fitted our outfits and allowed for counting practise. Thank you for your donations.

We  found out about nocturnal animals and talked about how the dark makes us feel.

Next week; our focus is  people who work at night such as the emergency services.

Don't forget Nursery is closed next Friday for a staff training day.


We have enjoyed the cold sunny days this week, our Nursery garden looks so nice in the sun and the blowing leaves and frosty starts have lead to lots of discussion and ideas for games.

The children have been doing mark making in the sand outside using large and small movements.

Children worked together to build bonfires inside and out and really enjoyed making sparkly firework pictures and rockets. The highlight(for the children!!) was using the instruments to make firework noises with the cymbals proving popular and loud!

In maths we have talked about shapes, naming, sorting and using them to create pictures.

We also talked about poppies and remembering soldiers who helped us.

Next week we will have a dark area to talk about night and day..


Our focus this week has been to think about what animals do to get ready for the cold weather. We have built hedgehog homes from logs and sticks and talked about hibernation. We talked about why squirrels have to collect and store extra seeds and conkers.

We dressed as witches and wizards to practise counting. We made potions and added different amounts of ingredients; 2 frogs, 1 lizard, 4 conkers etc

The children find it really exciting at this time of year, being outside in the dark and we have spent lots of time talking about Bonfire night, fireworks and how to stay safe. 

Year 1 donated balloons that they had finished with and the children had great fun chasing them around the garden. 

Inside we have noticed  the children are re-enacting songs and games that the adults do with them. It is lovely to watch them doing the song bag or singing '5 currant buns' with one child as the teacher! 

We mixed colours using powder paints and pipettes to add water in small amounts and then used very large amounts of water outside to clean the play house and the vehicles. The children worked together to get the job done and nearly start a drought in west Yorkshire!!

All the children had their school photograph taken as if it were a daily occurrence. They listened carefully, followed instructions and the photos are gorgeous.I was very proud of them!




We had a very busy week to end the half term!

As a follow up to our Autumn walk, we went on a squirrel hunt. We looked hard and  the children tiptoed around but unfortunately I think the squirrels might have spotted us and we were disappointed! 

We explored pumpkins, describing the texture and counting the seeds that we found.

We used conkers for messy play and there was lots of interesting mark making with chalk outside.

We were extremely proud of the way the children sang our Harvest songs, especially when you think that some have only been with us for a few short weeks. Thanks to those who were able to watch us and sorry that the children weren't able to drown out my voice! 

Thanks also for your kind Autumn gifts which we added to the rest of schools display.

We enjoyed watching the Harvest assembly by the older children in the hall . Our children enjoyed seeing siblings and spotting friends and they sat beautifully for a long time. Today we did our own version of Goldilocks and the 3 bears as they enjoyed it so much.

The children all deserve a rest and hopefully will get rid of coughs and colds during half term.

Please can you send wellies and a waterproof each day as we do try and get out in all but the worst weather.

Thanks for your support over this important settling in period.




We had a super time on our Autumn walk!

All the children were excited about looking for clues that Autumn has arrived.

They listened well to instructions and there were lots of opportunities for talking as they each filled their own bag with treasure.

Inside on a very rainy afternoon we had fun exploring the musical instruments, playing softly, loudly, quickly and slowly. The children showed great restraint waiting for their turn on the saxophone!! (Santa hint?!!)

We look forward to seeing you(briefly) for our Harvest song!


We have had fun thinking about our senses this week.

We used our fingers to guess what was in the 'feely box' and tried to describe what we could feel.

We sniffed the smelly pots and although it was confusing not being able to look, the children identified mint(toothpaste, chewing gum) and strawberries!

We listened carefully to clues to find the animals and when thinking about our eyes we talked about different things we wear and use such as safety goggles, sunglasses, binoculars, and magnifying glasses.

Outside the children worked together to build using the wooden blocks then a few set off on an aeroplane with Mrs Bull!

Next week we are thinking about Harvest and Autumn.


The children have settled really well into our routines and are developing lovely new friendships and cementing old ones. It is so good to see the more  established children welcoming new people and really looking after them. 

We were talking and thinking about ourselves and our bodies this week and a few people booked an appointment at the doctors in our role play. Boys and girls enjoyed bathing the dolls after we talked about keeping clean and keeping healthy.

We have been very messy exploring paint and getting busy in the craft area.

On this really wet Friday morning we had an adventure when we used the main hall in school to play listening games and run off a bit of energy. The children enjoyed looking around school and spotting older siblings!

A SUPER week and we're off and running!!


Welcome back to our parents and children from last year and hello and welcome to our new children and their families. We have had a lovely couple of weeks getting to know each other and are now on with the business of serious playing and learning! Welcome also to Mrs Bull our new teaching assistant who has settled in straight away.

Have a look at some of the things we have been busy with.