Friday 9th February 2018

This week the children have been mixing powder paints and creating new colours. They worked very carefully with small quantities, adding water gradually and mixing with great concentration.

We have used props when listening to the story 'A squash and a squeeze' which is one of our favourites.

Along with the rest of school we talked about e-safety on Tuesday through a story about Smarty the Penguin. We talked about what to do if a strange picture or advert comes on the screen and the children agreed they should ask a parent rather than clicking or trying to fix it themselves. We also talked about not playing games that are meant for older brothers or sisters or grown-ups as some children have talked about characters that  they have seen and found upsetting.


Hopefully we will all get rid of coughs and colds during half term, looking ahead next half term's focus in on animals!


Friday 2nd February 2018

This week was National Story Telling week and the children have enjoyed a range of activities.

On Monday we had a visit from a professional story teller Caroline, who retold the story of Cinderella complete with bubbles, disco lights, pom poms and magic! It was great fun and a hard act to follow. Mr Bentham, Y4 teacher, visited on Wednesday and read 'The Cat in the Hat.' The children were very attentive to 'the big teacher!!' Throughout the week the children have been telling their own stories with hand puppets. The children were really good at giving the puppet a 'character voice.'

Outside we have been getting wrapped up and getting plenty of exercise, we borrowed reception's taxi bike which led to lots of good turn taking.

We have been doing an early reading exercise of recognising logos and brands. This is a really good game when you are out and about and you will be surprised at how many they recognise and 'read'.

Friday 26th January 2018

This weeks castle role play has been as popular as ever, especially with the boys. Equal opportunity knights have been riding around rescuing princes and princesses as well as trying to convince dragons to be good and kind! As well as acting out stories, the children have used puppets to create stories.

Good teamwork was seen both inside and out with lots of children getting involved together. 

We have enjoyed playing lots of listening games to help when listening to instructions. The children are very good at stopping when asked or when they hear the bells. Our newest children are super listeners and really settling in well.

Friday 19th January 2018

The weather has thrown everything at us this week but we have enjoyed exploring the snow, ice and wind! We worked together to build a snowman and then monitored him all day(!) as he melted.

We have done lots of counting; putting buttons on snowmen and penguins on the ice. We loved creating our own music and copying rhythms. We used the hall for some games and to practise catching with large balls.

Please could you make sure that all clothes, boots, hats and gloves are labelled. The children are very good at recognising their things but it would help us out. Thank you

Friday 12th January 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome back!

We were off to a flying start this week!

Everyone seemed happy to be back and were excited to see their friends. The children had lots to tell us and have played really well. Our six new starters have settled very well with the help of our 'old' children. They have quickly picked up the rules and routines, some of the children are completely new to school and some have siblings further up school so are already familiar with Nursery, but  have all got stuck in with the important business of playing.

Winter has arrived at Rufford Park, we have talked about what happens to plants and animals in winter and have really enjoyed dressing up and playing Frozen and the Snow Queen.

We explored the frost and ice outside and there has been lots of super mark making. There has been lots of great group play with the children listening and talking to each other to keep the game going.

We are singing Nursery rhymes daily and learning some very old traditional ones. The children have quite a repertoire!


22-12-17  Happy Christmas from the Nursery team!

Thank you for all the super cards, gifts and good wishes.

We have had a lovely, if hectic, last week.

The Monday session children were fantastic ambassadors for school when we visited Blossom Court Retirement home. They sang beautifully, remembered their manners and looked cute! The residents thoroughly enjoyed it and said how well behaved the children were. Well done also to the group from Reception class who were chosen to join us!

Our party was great fun! All the children joined in with good spirit and seemed to enjoy themselves. We had a visit from Santa and again all the children were excited,happy and confident when collecting their present.

Santa did say they were a tough crowd because of the tricky questions from the children including; 'Do you remember I rang you with my list last week?' 'Has my mum told you I've been good?'  'Why did you bring me that book?' 'Where have you parked the sleigh?' and 'If I'm good tomorrow will you come to my house?'

Have a wonderful break and a good rest(that bits for me!!) and we will see you in January with our new starters.

Merry Christmas!


We are so proud of the children this week with the way they coped with a very large audience for the Nativity. They all joined in, sang and wiggled well and remembered where they had to be. Fantastic!

You can see individual photos of the children in their costumes on their Tapestry online journal. If you have not received an email to activate your account then perhaps we have an incorrect email address. Please see staff if you have any difficulty accessing it.

The weather has meant that we have stayed inside for most of the week. When we did brave the elements the children found some inventive ways to do mark making and writing.and we had great fun chasing bubbles.

Inside, we have been very creative with glitter and sequins and the role play of the Nativity story has continued!

We are excited about party day on Tuesday, don't forget all children are invited even if it is not their usual session.

3 days and counting!!!




We have had quite a few sessions in the hall this week to practise our Nativity. It's difficult to get everyone together as the children all do different sessions but I have been very impressed with the children's listening and following of instructions. Everyone has been fitted with a costume and we are very excited to perform to parents.

When we are not singing, dancing, getting changed or practising getting on and off stage, we have shown some super teamwork with the blocks in and outside and the post office has lead to some great writing and role play. 

Don't forget your party pounds please!


The children loved the snow, frost and ice this week and just in case it was our only snow of the year, we made the most of it!

We did our own experiment, leaving a tray of water outside to see what would happen and many children were able to make predictions and enjoyed seeing if they were right.

We have put up our Christmas tree and enjoyed working together to decorate it,

I have reminded the children that at home and other places, people might not want them to re-arrange the baubles and decorations although I think they did a very good job on ours!

We are rehearsing in earnest for the Nativity now and the Christmas story has lead to some lovely role play. We have had lots of Marys, Josephs and a number of donkeys making the trip to Bethlehem. .Don't forget to get your tickets if you are able to come and watch. 


 This week we talked about how the emergency services work all the time to look after us even at night and our fire engine and fire station have proved very popular.

The children rang 999 and explained which service they needed and then dashed off with the hosepipe to put the fire out or to help the injured people. There were opportunities for writing as children recorded where the engine should go.

There was a lot of lovely sharing of resources this week whether it was helmets, vehicles or Duplo blocks and it was good to see people working together on ideas.

Outside, on a very windy day, we looked for sticks and then made streamers which soon turned into props for performing on our stage!

We have started learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity. Please ask for a letter if you have not already reserved tickets.



The children enjoyed wearing their pyjamas to school and showing each other their 'characters'  which prompted lots of talk!

We sang the song '10 in the bed' which fitted our outfits and allowed for counting practise. Thank you for your donations.

We  found out about nocturnal animals and talked about how the dark makes us feel.

Next week; our focus is  people who work at night such as the emergency services.

Don't forget Nursery is closed next Friday for a staff training day.


We have enjoyed the cold sunny days this week, our Nursery garden looks so nice in the sun and the blowing leaves and frosty starts have lead to lots of discussion and ideas for games.

The children have been doing mark making in the sand outside using large and small movements.

Children worked together to build bonfires inside and out and really enjoyed making sparkly firework pictures and rockets. The highlight(for the children!!) was using the instruments to make firework noises with the cymbals proving popular and loud!

In maths we have talked about shapes, naming, sorting and using them to create pictures.

We also talked about poppies and remembering soldiers who helped us.

Next week we will have a dark area to talk about night and day..


Our focus this week has been to think about what animals do to get ready for the cold weather. We have built hedgehog homes from logs and sticks and talked about hibernation. We talked about why squirrels have to collect and store extra seeds and conkers.

We dressed as witches and wizards to practise counting. We made potions and added different amounts of ingredients; 2 frogs, 1 lizard, 4 conkers etc

The children find it really exciting at this time of year, being outside in the dark and we have spent lots of time talking about Bonfire night, fireworks and how to stay safe. 

Year 1 donated balloons that they had finished with and the children had great fun chasing them around the garden. 

Inside we have noticed  the children are re-enacting songs and games that the adults do with them. It is lovely to watch them doing the song bag or singing '5 currant buns' with one child as the teacher! 

We mixed colours using powder paints and pipettes to add water in small amounts and then used very large amounts of water outside to clean the play house and the vehicles. The children worked together to get the job done and nearly start a drought in west Yorkshire!!

All the children had their school photograph taken as if it were a daily occurrence. They listened carefully, followed instructions and the photos are gorgeous.I was very proud of them!




We had a very busy week to end the half term!

As a follow up to our Autumn walk, we went on a squirrel hunt. We looked hard and  the children tiptoed around but unfortunately I think the squirrels might have spotted us and we were disappointed! 

We explored pumpkins, describing the texture and counting the seeds that we found.

We used conkers for messy play and there was lots of interesting mark making with chalk outside.

We were extremely proud of the way the children sang our Harvest songs, especially when you think that some have only been with us for a few short weeks. Thanks to those who were able to watch us and sorry that the children weren't able to drown out my voice! 

Thanks also for your kind Autumn gifts which we added to the rest of schools display.

We enjoyed watching the Harvest assembly by the older children in the hall . Our children enjoyed seeing siblings and spotting friends and they sat beautifully for a long time. Today we did our own version of Goldilocks and the 3 bears as they enjoyed it so much.

The children all deserve a rest and hopefully will get rid of coughs and colds during half term.

Please can you send wellies and a waterproof each day as we do try and get out in all but the worst weather.

Thanks for your support over this important settling in period.




We had a super time on our Autumn walk!

All the children were excited about looking for clues that Autumn has arrived.

They listened well to instructions and there were lots of opportunities for talking as they each filled their own bag with treasure.

Inside on a very rainy afternoon we had fun exploring the musical instruments, playing softly, loudly, quickly and slowly. The children showed great restraint waiting for their turn on the saxophone!! (Santa hint?!!)

We look forward to seeing you(briefly) for our Harvest song!


We have had fun thinking about our senses this week.

We used our fingers to guess what was in the 'feely box' and tried to describe what we could feel.

We sniffed the smelly pots and although it was confusing not being able to look, the children identified mint(toothpaste, chewing gum) and strawberries!

We listened carefully to clues to find the animals and when thinking about our eyes we talked about different things we wear and use such as safety goggles, sunglasses, binoculars, and magnifying glasses.

Outside the children worked together to build using the wooden blocks then a few set off on an aeroplane with Mrs Bull!

Next week we are thinking about Harvest and Autumn.


The children have settled really well into our routines and are developing lovely new friendships and cementing old ones. It is so good to see the more  established children welcoming new people and really looking after them. 

We were talking and thinking about ourselves and our bodies this week and a few people booked an appointment at the doctors in our role play. Boys and girls enjoyed bathing the dolls after we talked about keeping clean and keeping healthy.

We have been very messy exploring paint and getting busy in the craft area.

On this really wet Friday morning we had an adventure when we used the main hall in school to play listening games and run off a bit of energy. The children enjoyed looking around school and spotting older siblings!

A SUPER week and we're off and running!!


Welcome back to our parents and children from last year and hello and welcome to our new children and their families. We have had a lovely couple of weeks getting to know each other and are now on with the business of serious playing and learning! Welcome also to Mrs Bull our new teaching assistant who has settled in straight away.